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  40. What is GL At Company Level and Chart of Accounts
  41. Change Reconciliation Account of Customer Master
  42. How to Configure FICO Reconciliation
  43. Step-by-Step Procedure for Customizing an Electronic Bank Reconciliation Statement
  44. What is "Real Time" Integration?
  45. Using the Lock Box Files in SAP FI
  46. The Flow Of Lock Box Processing
  47. What is Hold and Parking of Document?
  48. Difference between Posting Key and Field Status Variant
  49. What is Debit note and Credit note?
  50. Sample Account Assignment in G/L Account
  51. Configuration Steps For Preparation of GL A/C
  52. What Is New General Ledger Accounting
  53. Unplanned and Plan Delivery Costs In Stock and G/L Account
  54. Difference Between Open Item And Open Item Management
  55. Configure the Data Medium Exchange for making payments
  56. Set the baseline date=Invoice date
  57. Different Between Posting, Clear and Payment
  58. Delink Cheque Payment from Payment Document
  59. How Down Payments Are Configured
  60. Setting Up Manual & Automatic Payment Program
  61. Recurring Entry & Sample Doc
  62. Update Trading Partner Field for Posted Documents
  63. How To Make a Residual Payment To a Vendor
  64. Recurring Documents and Interest Calculation
  65. The Steps For Interest Calculation of Bank
  66. Tcodes for Configuring Assets Accounting
  67. Posting to Cost Center and Internal Order
  68. Process Fixed Asset Depreciation
  69. Asset Year-end Closing
  70. Asset Reverse Year-End Closing
  71. Post Capitalization (asset haven't been post in closed fiscal year)
  72. Mass Change For Assets and Data Reset
  73. Asset Master Data Upload
  74. Retire Asset with or without Revenue
  75. Mass Asset Retirement or Disposal
  76. Fastest way to create a SAP Company Code
  77. What is Valuation Area and Valuation Class
  78. Entering Exchange Rate
  79. Change in Company Code Currency
  80. Explain The Difference In Currency
  81. Currency Decimals Default and Places in SAPr3
  82. FI Document: List of Update Terminations
  83. Difference between Withholding Taxes and Extended Taxes
  84. Change in Tax
  85. What is Central Value-added Tax and how it is configured?
  86. Entering Invoice Receitps for PO
  87. Using 1099 MISC Reporting
  88. SAP FI Tips For Passing Certification
  89. tcode for material cost, planned cost and billing and agreed price for prodn.order
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