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  1. Interview Questions on SAP MM
  2. List of SAP MM Transaction codes
  3. Important SAP MM Tcodes 1
  4. Important SAP MM Tcodes 2
  5. IMG MM Transaction Codes Organizational Structures
  6. Transaction Code For Stock Transport Order
  7. IMG Change Logs and can ACCT Tables be Deleted
  8. Common Tables used by SAP MM
  9. All The Tables In SAP MM Purchasing
  10. SAP MM Questions and Answers
  11. SAP Material Management Interview Questions
  12. SAP MM Support Problem Solution
  13. Sap mm faq
  14. SAP Material Management Frequently Asked Question
  15. What Is The DataFlow Of MM?
  16. User Exit That Is Applied In MM Area
  17. Type of Data Upload at Time of Final Preparation Stage
  18. Price Control V or S in material typeWhen is it useful to use the price control V or
  19. SAP Inventory - Allow Negative stocks
  20. SAP Split Valuation for Materials
  21. Changing The Valuation Class
  22. Material Master Price Change MR21
  23. Difference Between Client , Purchasing Org , Plant , Company code
  24. Maintain relation between Alternatives Materials
  25. Maintain the user default settings when creating Material Master
  26. MM - Controlling the Fields in Material Master
  27. MM - Control the Output Format of your Material Numbers In OMSL, you can define the
  28. MM - Define whether the Material can be used at which business process
  29. MM - Control the Number Range Intervals for Material Master
  30. Delete storage location in material master
  31. Displaying Material Flag of Deletion
  32. Block or Delete Any Material From Material Master
  33. Creation of same Material Code in Different Company Codes
  34. Changing the Material Valuation Types
  35. Change Base Unit of Measure in MM
  36. Material Master Unit of Measure
  37. How To Do Master Record Mass Maintenance
  38. Mass Change Material Group In Materials Master
  39. MM Configuration Tips
  40. Safety Stock Calculation in SAP
  41. Procedures for copying One Plant to Another
  42. Adding Views in Material Master
  43. Classification view Of Material Master
  44. Material Master Reorder Point Safety Stock Messages
  45. SAP Batch Handling
  46. Config Setting In Batch Management
  47. Batch Shelf Life Questions and Answers
  48. LIFO and FIFO In Batch Management
  49. SAP LIS - Wrong figures in Logistics Information System
  50. List of standard Reports in MM
  51. Conventional Versus Logistic Invoice Verification
  52. Important Accounts for Invoice Verification
  53. No tax information during consignment Settlement
  54. SAP MM - Consignment Process - Settlement
  55. Use of Invoice Plan in SAP
  56. Changing Vendor on Purchase Order
  57. One Time Vendors
  58. Vendor Evaluation for Purchasing
  59. Sub Contracting Cycle
  60. Subcontracting - Key Points
  61. What Is Subsequent Adjustment In Process Of Subcontracting
  62. Procedure for Setting Partner Functions
  63. What Is Outline and Scheduling Agreement
  64. What is Vendor Consignment?
  65. Multiple Currency Quotation or Invoice From Vendor
  66. How To Get The Vendor Master List
  67. What Is Quota Arrangement
  68. How To Maintain The Fixed Vendor
  69. Total number of Purchasing Documents by Purchasing Group
  70. Purchase Order History Mass Display
  71. Mass Select and Print Material Master Changed History
  72. Report to display 12 weeks forecast, Yesterday Stocks, Onhand Stocks, MTD Pull, MTD G
  73. Auto Disallowed Back Posting to Previous Period
  74. Valuation price in PR and how to enter PR without Price
  75. Automatic Conversion of PR to PO
  76. How Can We Delete Purchase Requisition
  77. Release Procedure for Purchase Requisitions
  78. About the Source List Determination
  79. What are the Types of Inforecords?
  80. Alternatinve Release code for PR or PO
  81. Procedure to Define Both Currency USD and EURO
  82. Language Error when creating Purchase Order
  83. Handling differences in Purchase Order, Goods Receipts and Vendor Invoice Prices
  84. Steps for MM Pricing Procedures
  85. Goods Receipts for PO does not contain any items
  86. Purchase Order Account Assignment For Service Items
  87. Purchase Order Fields Relevant to Printouts of Changes
  88. No output on PO changes
  89. Type of Changes Generally After Release of PO
  90. Steps to take in order to force-close PO
  91. Get Last PO Price / Default PR Price
  92. Problem printing your Purchase Order
  93. What is Purchasing Value Key
  94. Control Sender Address when Sending PO
  95. External Send - Sending PO by email
  96. SAP Basis, Functional and ABAP Programming Reference Books GR-Non Valuated Indicator
  97. Restrict GR before Delivery Date
  98. MM - Accounting Entries for a Subcontract Order
  99. SAP Functional, Basis and ABAP Programming Reference Books Increase number of line it
  100. Increase number of line items in Purchase Order
  101. SAP MM - What is Request for Quotation
  102. SAP Purchasing Configuration Tips and Tricks
  103. Complete Purchase Cycle Till FI
  104. BOM Is Not Exploding In P.O.
  105. While creating subcontract order, BOM is not exploding in P.O even though we are main
  106. Purchasing Group and Purchasing Organization
  107. How To Get The PO Create Date and Time
  108. Explain About The PO Confirmation Control Key In Detail
  109. Setting Required For PO Shipping Tab Field
  110. GR Valuated At The Exchange Rate Given As Per PO
  111. Freight Charges At GR For Purchase Order
  112. Setting Cross-company transaction
  113. Inventory Beginning Balances
  114. Variances between material and account of stock when you use MB5L
  115. Planned Delivery Time as Workdays
  116. Physical Inventory Item Class
  117. Physical Inventory Process
  118. What is A, B, C and D Indicator for a material for cyclic count?
  119. Valuation Category
  120. MBST: Reversal of cleared items in FI
  121. Difference Between Cancellation and Reversal
  122. Automate the opening of MM periods
  123. Allow/Disallowed Backposting of Inventory Posting
  124. Movement Error - Posting Only Possible Between
  125. Re-Open The Previous Period
  126. Process Of Imported Material With Excise
  127. Difference for Stock Transfer and Transfer Posting
  128. Creating The Stock Transfer Order
  129. Differences Between Restricted vs Blocked Stock
  130. Inventory Posting To Price Differences Account
  131. Movement Type and GL Account Determination
  132. How MBEWH Table Get Updated
  133. Inventory Serial Number Management
  134. How To Get The Total Stock Consumption Data
  135. Find Out Who Close Period In MMPV
  136. Workflow of Purchase Requisition Release Strategy
  137. Archiving the Material Master
  138. Meaning of Archiving Residence Time
  139. How to use "me98" to delete PO from system completely?
  140. Deletion of Vendor Consignment Records
  141. Deletion of Info Record
  142. Purchase Order History Mass Display
  143. Mass Select and Print Material Master Changed History
  144. Report to display 12 weeks forecast, Yesterday Stocks, Onhand Stocks, MTD Pull, MTD G
  145. Auto Disallowed Back Posting to Previous Period
  146. Total number of Purchasing Documents by Purchasing Group
  147. Consumption-Based Planning (MM-CBP)
  148. MRP Procedures in Consumption-Based Planning
  149. Reorder Point Planning
  150. Consumption-Based Planning
  151. Purchasing (MM-PUR)
  152. Supplier Workplace
  153. External Services Management (MM-SRV)
  154. Price of secondhand materials
  155. MM Overview (Full Step-by-step Screen shots)