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  1. My SAP SD Certification Experience
  2. SAP SD Sample Certification Questions in Sales Order Processing
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  7. Important Tips for Interview for SAP SD
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  13. SAP SD Transaction codes List
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  16. SAP SD TCodes For India
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  18. SAP Sales and Distribution Frequently Asked QuestionSAP Sales and Distribution Freque
  19. Link Between SAP SD, MM & FI
  20. Why Do We Assign Division to Sales Organisation
  21. How To Do Master Record Mass Maintenance
  22. Serial Number Management In SAP SD
  23. Sales Office Address, Change and Assignment
  24. Duplicate customer purchase order
  25. Default First Date is not Today
  26. Sales Order Confirm Quantity Date
  27. Auto proposed all the dates when creating Sales Order
  28. Define whether the Material can be used at which Sales and Distribution process
  29. Assign a Cost Center manually in a Sales Order (VBAK-KOSTL)
  30. Sales and Distribution - Transfer of Requirements
  31. Define Tax Determination Rules
  32. Taxation Explain with an example
  33. Return material From customer
  34. SAP SD: Scheduling Agreement Vs Contract
  35. Sales Order Mass Change
  36. Release strategy for Sales orderRelease strategy for Sales order
  37. How to do rebate processing
  38. Rebate Process with Ref. to SO
  39. Consignment Sales Process in SAP
  40. Issue free goods to selected Customers
  41. Supressing Fields in Sale Order
  42. Some Light on Batch Determination
  43. Difference between Item Proposal and Material Determination
  44. Steps for SD Variant Configuration
  45. Number Ranges In Sales Order
  46. What is Debit note and Credit note
  47. Configure Intercompany Stock Transport Order
  48. Normal Sales Order Cycle ConfigurationNormal Sales Order Cycle Configuration
  49. Partner Determination For Sales Doc
  50. Default Storage Location In Sales Order
  51. Explain The Meaning Of An Open Sales Order
  52. Sold To Party In Sales Order Screen
  53. Sales BOM Implementation
  54. How to Know that Sales BOM is working or not?
  55. What Is BOM Referring to SAP SD
  56. Pricing Customization For Sales BOM
  57. Process Flow for 3rd Party Sales
  58. Cross Selling : How To Configure
  59. An Example Of Third Party Sales
  60. Availability Check on Quotation
  61. SD material Determination based on availability check
  62. Creating Multiple Materials in Material Determination
  63. Backward and Forward Scheduling
  64. Configuring Availability Check Through Checking Groups
  65. Settlement Downpayment with Installment payment Term
  66. Sales and Distribution - Upload Condition Pricing
  67. Sales Order Changed History Display
  68. Basic Process of how Packing Works
  69. The "Packing Process" with an Example
  70. Difference between Condition Type
  71. Accumulate the amount of condition types in accounting document
  72. Hiding Price Condition Types on a Sales Document
  73. Creating New Pricing Procedure
  74. What is "alt cal type" & "alt base value" & "Requirement field" in the Pricing Proced
  75. Re-pricing in a Quotation
  76. Quantity Based Discounts in Bulk Quantities Sales
  77. Determine Sales Price with Shipping Point
  78. Pricing date based on delivery date
  79. Report to Check the Entered Pricing Condition Price
  80. Mass Update of condition pricingYou can update the condition pricing for a range of s
  81. Make Material Master Price of a material as sales price automatically
  82. Customer discounts on effort only
  83. Steps to Create Commission for Agent
  84. SD Questions About Pricing ConditionSD Questions About Pricing Condition
  85. Header Condition and Group Condition
  86. Steps Involved In Condition Technique
  87. Add a Field To New Condition Table in Pricing
  88. Sales Order Freight Condition In Header Condition
  89. How To Use Condition Exclusion Type In SO
  90. Pricing Report & Condition Index
  91. What Is Condition Base Value?What Is Condition Base Value?
  92. Rounding Off Condition Not Appearing In Sales Order
  93. Billing cannot be Release to Accounting
  94. Default Start Variant for VF04
  95. Condition Exclusion which will be determined in the billing document
  96. Steps for creating a new or changing an existing Billing Document Types
  97. Billing Block will not worked if you did not assign it
  98. Billing Plan Function and Processing
  99. SAP Billing - Combine Billing for deliveries with different date
  100. Billing Spilt by Item Category
  101. Maximum number of items in FI reached Message no. F5 727
  102. Prepaid process possible
  103. Document Not Relevant For Billing
  104. Procedure To Cancel Billing Documents
  105. Schedule VF04 For Individual Billing Run
  106. How To Do Configuration For Credit Management
  107. MRP block for Credit limit attained Customers
  108. Sales value field in not getting updated after creating the billing
  109. Difference Between Simple and Automatic Credit Check Types
  110. Set Up for Credit Card Payment Processing
  111. Dunning Process In Credit Management
  112. Customizing Customer Hierarchy in SD
  113. Basic SD Questions On Product Hierarchies
  114. Implement the Product Allocation Functionality
  115. Sending a billing document by e-mail
  116. SAP Customizing Picking Output
  117. Program for Sales Order by Customer, Date, Sales
  118. How To Maintain Output Types in SD
  119. sales order has no co object
  120. Master Data in Sales and Distribution
  121. Organizational Structures in Sales and Distribution
  122. Master Data in Sales and Distribution
  123. Organizational Structures
  124. Organizational Structures in SD
  125. Sales Areas
  126. Distribution channel
  127. Sales organization
  128. Internal Organization in Business Development and Sales
  129. Organization in Shipping and Transportation
  130. Basic Functions in SD
  131. Pricing and Conditions
  132. Availability Check and Requirements in Sales and Distribution Processing Locate the d
  133. Credit and Risk Management (SD-BF-CM)
  134. Output Determination (SD-BF-OC)
  135. Scheduling Agreements for Component Suppliers (SD-SLS-OA)
  136. Customer Service Processing (SD-SLS-OA)
  137. Billing
  138. Foreign Trade / Customs (SD-FT)
  139. Payment Card Processing (SD-BIL-IV)
  140. Payment Cards in Sales and Distribution
  141. Business Partner - Payment Card Processing
  142. Sales Support: Computer-Aided Selling (CAS)
  143. Electronic Data Interchange / IDoc Interface (SD-EDI)
  144. Outbound Message Processing (SD)
  145. IDoc Types for Outbound Messages (SD)
  146. IDoc Types for Outbound Messages (LE)
  147. Inbound Message Processing (SD)
  148. IDoc Types for Inbound Messages (SD)
  149. Shipping (LE-SHP)
  150. Transportation (LE-TRA)
  151. Implementing SAP, ERP s & Distribution
  152. SAP Sales & Distribution Exam Questions
  153. SAP SD certification questions
  154. SAP Sales & Distribution Exam Questions
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  156. SD Overview (Step-by-step Screen shots)