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  1. SAP PP Questions and Answers
  2. Sample Questions on SAP PP
  3. SAP PP Test Questions (MCQ)
  4. Interview Questions and Anwsers on SAP PP
  5. Transaction Code To View All SAP Tables
  6. Commonly Used Tcodes in PP Module Part 1
  7. Commonly Used Tcodes in PP Module Part 2
  8. Commonly Used Tcodes in PP Module Part 3
  9. Material Requirement Planning Menu Nodes TransactionActivity Master Data
  10. SAP PP Master Data Tables
  11. Table of the Order Production Operation
  12. The Concept Of MRP In ERP
  13. Why used Planning tools like APO or I2?
  14. Difference between MRP vs MPS
  15. SAP Factory Calendar
  16. GR processing time in PP and MM
  17. Calculation to determine the delivery date and release date
  18. Purchasing processing Time - OPPQ
  19. Define Safety Stock Availability
  20. Questions on MRP Group and MRP Controller
  21. PP - The Common Planning Strategy used
  22. Why Planning file entry still Exists?
  23. Total Planning & Netch, Netpl, Neupl
  24. Processing Keys In TC MD02
  25. MRP Monthly lot size
  26. Reservation Not Created During MRP Run
  27. How to Configure Range Of Coverage Profile
  28. Lose of link between sales order and production order
  29. Batch Characteristics while Running MRP
  30. What is Firming Type in the MRP Types
  31. How MRP Type In MM MRP View 1 Works
  32. Functions of Production Version
  33. Steps To Do Repetative Manufacturing
  34. What The Use of Reorder Planning
  35. What Is Planned and Unplanned Consumption
  36. Planning separately via Storage Location or Vendor with MRP Area
  37. MRP Area Customizing and Mass Updating
  38. Explain MRP profile, MRP group, MRP controller, MRP type
  39. What is MRP Area And How Is It defined
  40. What Is Safety Stock In MRP ERP
  41. Explain Rounding Profile In MRP
  42. Difference Between MTO and MTS
  43. Rescheduling date does not take into account the GR Processing Time
  44. Schedule Margin Key in Production Scheduling
  45. Work Scheduling View in Material Master
  46. Scheduling Background Jobs for MRP
  47. What is Finite and Infinite Scheduling
  48. What Is Mean By Schedule Lines
  49. Production Setup Time
  50. Material Stock in Production Order
  51. Automatic Conversion to Production Orders
  52. Regarding Production Order Confirmation
  53. What is Backflushing?
  54. How Costing takes place in Production Orders
  55. SAP flow for REWORK activity
  56. Serial Number For Component
  57. Procedure For Printing The Production Order
  58. Checking Costs and Revenues from the Sales Order
  59. List of Confirmation on a Particular Work Center
  60. Production Planning - Extract data from MRP Table
  61. Production Order Quantity Change Daily Checklist
  62. Compare Production Confirmation against Planned by Work Centre
  63. Customized Work Center List
  64. PP Year End To Do List
  65. SAP Production Planning and Control Frequently Asked Question
  66. List of PP Transport Request and their IMG Path
  67. The Overall Flow For SAP PP
  68. Planning & Production Alternate Plant
  69. How To Do Master Record Mass Maintenance
  70. How to link BOM component to storage location?
  71. When is a Material BOM Not Exploded?
  72. Simple BOM & Group BOM
  73. Explode BOM
  74. Where used list for BOM
  75. PP - Controlling data for your Bill of Materials You define the default values for B
  76. Allocating BOM to Other Plant
  77. Mass Change Bill of Materials
  78. Attachment Of Drawings in BOMs
  79. Multi-level configuration with variants
  80. What exactly is a Phantom item or Assembly means?
  81. Guide To Mass Replace Work Center
  82. Set Parameter and Work Center Formula
  83. How to “permanently” delete new planned orders?
  84. Assign Multiple Planned Order to a Purchase Requisition
  85. A basic SAP Engineering Change Management Setup
  86. This are the basic IMG settings in order to used the engineering change management fe
  87. Split In Routing / Difference Between Alternative And Parallel Seq
  88. What and How To Create Routing
  89. How To Delete Old Production Orders
  90. SAP PP-CRP-LVL - Capacity Leveling Profile Setup
  91. Changing warning msgs to error msg n vice-versa
  92. Production Planning - Production Control System Messages
  93. Production Order System Status
  94. Explain System and User Status In Production Order
  95. What is Discrete Manufacturing, REM and Demand Management?
  96. Discrete Manufacturing - The Made To Order Cycle
  97. Split The Order Qty In Discrete Manufacturing
  98. Goods receipt and goods issue through a PI sheet
  99. PP - Define the default components reservation movement type
  100. Goods Receipt (101) for Process Order
  101. Stock in Transit - liquidation or remove the stock which is in transit
  102. Steps for Subcontracting
  103. SAP Production Planning (Free Download)
  104. BOMs (PP-BD-BOM)
  105. Bills of Material in Production Planning
  106. How are Bills of Material Used in PP?
  107. Single-Level BOMs
  108. Assemblies
  109. Authorization Objects
  110. BOM Categories
  111. Effectivity
  112. Technical Types
  113. BOM Usage BOM Usage
  114. Structure of a BOM
  115. Material BOM Browser
  116. Enhancements to the SAP System in the Area of PLM
  117. Archiving
  118. Features of an Item Category
  119. Item Categories in the Standard R/3 SystemItem Categories in the Standard R/3 System
  120. Item Categories for Material Items
  121. Document Item
  122. Class Items
  123. Text Items
  124. Entering BOM Items
  125. Tab Page in the Item Detail Screen
  126. Before You Create a Simple Material BOM
  127. Other Maintenance Functions
  128. Creating a Material BOM for Additional Usages
  129. Creating a Material BOM with an Existing BOM
  130. Creating a BOM by Copying an Existing BOM with a Different Usage
  131. Plant Allocations
  132. Displaying a Material BOM
  133. Other Display Functions
  134. Working with Configurable BOMs
  135. Creating a Variant BOM
  136. Steps for Creating a Variant BOM
  137. Options for Changing Variant BOMs
  138. Options for Displaying Variant BOMs
  139. Creating a Multiple BOM
  140. Steps to Creating a Multiple BOM
  141. Options for Changing a Multiple BOM
  142. BOM Changes in the SAP R/3 System
  143. Change Master Records Locate the document in its SAP Library structure
  144. Before You Change a BOM Locate the document in its SAP Library structure Before you
  145. Changing a Material BOM Locate the document in its SAP Library structure This sectio
  146. Steps for Changing a BOM
  147. Changing a Variant BOM - Special Points
  148. Changing a Multiple BOM - Special Points
  149. Deleting a Material BOM
  150. Mass Changes Locate the document in its SAP Library structure Use You can use the m
  151. BOM Reporting Functions
  152. Displaying Change Documents
  153. Setting up BOM Groups
  154. Order BOMs (PP-BD-BOM)
  155. Order BOM
  156. Order BOM
  157. Hints on Terminology
  158. Sales Order Processing for Products with Many Variants (Desc.)
  159. Sales Order Processing with Engineer-to-Order Production
  160. Assemblies with a Long Replenishment Lead Time
  161. Entering a Sales Order Locate the document in its SAP Library structure Prerequisite
  162. Creating an Order BOM
  163. Order BOMs for Variant Configuration
  164. Order Browser
  165. Order-Specific Component Assignment in Routings
  166. Costing of Order BOMs Locate the document in its SAP Library structure Use In sales
  167. Blocking Requirements
  168. Order BOMs in MRP
  169. Order BOMs in Production
  170. Enhancements to the SAP System in the Area of PLM Locate the document in its SAP Libr
  171. WBS BOM Browser
  172. Material Requirements Planning (PP-MRP)
  173. Production Orders (PP-SFC)
  174. Routings (PP-BD-RTG)
  175. Basic Data Locate the document in its SAP Library structure In the Basic data screen
  176. Default values
  177. Capacities
  178. Scheduling Data in Work Centers
  179. Costing
  180. Assignments to Objects in the Human Resource Management System (HR)
  181. Technical Data for Calculating Standard Values with CAPP
  182. Work center hierarchy Locate the document in its SAP Library structure Work centers
  183. Reporting Locate the document in its SAP Library structure Various forms of reportin
  184. Replacing Work Centers in Task Lists Locate the document in its SAP Library structure
  185. Configuration of Work Centers Locate the document in its SAP Library structure When
  186. Formulas
  187. Routings (PP-BD-RTG)
  188. Business Object - Routing (Generic) Locate the document in its SAP Library structure
  189. Routing Structure and Navigation
  190. Purpose This process describes how to create or change a routing or rate routing. E
  191. Maintaining Reference Operation Sets and Reference Rate Routings
  192. Change Management
  193. Editing Configurable Routings
  194. Mass Changes and Where-Used Lists
  195. Archiving and Deleting Routings
  196. Assemble-to-order
  197. Assemble-to-order with Planned Orders
  198. Assemble-to-order with Projects
  199. Assemble-to-order with Variant Configuration
  200. Settings for Assemble-to-order
  201. Special Settings for Production Orders
  202. Special Settings for Planned Orders
  203. Special Settings for Repetitive Manufacturing Locate the document in its SAP Library
  204. Special Settings for Projects
  205. Special Setting for Variant Configuration
  206. Planning Strategies
  207. Production Planning and Control for Production Orders
  208. Production Planning and Control for Repetitive Manufacturing
  209. Production Planning and Control for Networks and Projects
  210. Make-to-Order Using Assembly Processing
  211. Creating an Assembly Order
  212. Creating a Project/Network in Assembly Processing Locate the document in its SAP Libr
  213. Creating an Assembly Order for a Configurable Material Locate the document in its SA
  214. Scheduling in Assembly Processing Locate the document in its SAP Library structure D
  215. Availability Check in Assembly Processing
  216. Availability Check According to ATP Logic
  217. Missing Parts List (Availability Check: Overview)
  218. Missing Parts Overview
  219. Availability Check Against Planned Independent Requirements
  220. Navigating in the Sales Order in Assembly Processing
  221. How Changes Affect Assembly Processing
  222. Pricing in the Assembly Order
  223. Shipping in Assembly Processing
  224. Billing in Assembly Processing
  225. Collecting Costs in Assembly Processing
  226. Sample Scenario: Assembly Processing Using a Production Order
  227. Administering SAP R/3 - Production & Planning module - A text book
  228. Production Planning-Video Tutorials
  229. PP Overview (Full Step-by-step Screen shots)