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  1. Day-to-day Problems & Solutions for DBAs
  2. What is a deadlock and how does oracle handle it?
  3. What is "snapshot too old" error and how to avoid it?
  4. What does 'SNIPED' status in v$session mean?
  5. Database Crashed. Server manager doesn't come up
  6. How to find your log block size?
  7. How To Find Out The Size Of Database
  8. Oracle FAQ
  9. Finding Oracle_SID Of A Database
  10. Understand Exactly What a Schema Is
  11. Change Oracle Installation Location on Linux
  12. Cloning Database From Hot Backup
  13. How Can We Calculate Hit Ratios
  14. Displaying Elapsed Time: The difference between two dates
  15. Using SQL Plus
  16. Explain Plan Tips
  17. PL/SQL coding
  18. Oracle Forms 4.5 FAQ
  19. TEXT_IO code to write data to a flat file
  20. Backup and Recovery Tips
  21. Droping Logfile Group Failed
  22. Advantage Between Range Scan & Skip Scan In Oracle
  23. How Can I Copy Data in Another System
  24. Is IMPORT & EXPORT is platform dependent
  25. Error in PL/SQL block of trigger
  26. Using Trigger And Procedure Together
  27. What is PL/SQL tables?
  28. Accessing Oracle Database
  29. About Referential Integrity
  30. List prerequisites to connect to oracle with a administrator previleges
  31. Problem Running 'ckrorole.sql' in Sqlplus
  32. Need to write one PL/SQL procedure to housekeep a table
  33. Use user defined functions in SQL statements
  34. Update statements in Query I have one query, Update the salary of the employees who
  35. Why this Query Returns null
  36. Query about Data Storage and Retrieval
  37. Finding How Much Data Has Been Filled
  38. Find How Much Time Left For Query Completion
  39. java.sql.SQLException: ORA-12154 We are getting java.sql.SQLException: ORA-12154:
  40. Small Select Statement
  41. Oracle Performance On Different Platforms
  42. Creating Dimensions in Oracle 8i
  43. Explain plan and Autotrace on 8i
  44. HP UX 11.0 - Oracle 7.3.4 linking libraries
  45. How to create a DBMS Job?
  46. Fresh Install Done Login Problem
  47. Problems with Password File
  48. Change the Port number after the Installation
  49. Create Oracle Host
  50. What is SQL? - Stands for Structured Query Language
  51. Oracle Interview Questions and Answers : SQL
  52. Editing commands at the SQL> prompt
  53. Updating multiple fields with an embedded SELECT
  54. Set up for calling external procedures from Pl/SQL
  55. Using Substitution Variables
  56. Passing values back to unix script from sqlplus
  57. Formatting Columns in both Static and Dynamic Reports
  58. How to Save an Image in a SQL Server Database?
  59. Select Entries from Whole Week
  60. Modifying A Column Of A Table
  61. Modify the Primary Key Order
  62. Renaming A Datafile
  63. Recover database to a different host using legato & EBU
  64. Recover database to a different host using legato & RMAN
  65. Changing Prompt in SQL Plus
  66. Update B with the Help of A
  67. Tuning a Wait Session
  68. Shutting Down Oracle On Windows
  69. Can we Change a Column Name
  70. Securing Database 9i, User rights
  71. Dynamic Table Names and Moving Table
  72. Tablespace Change
  73. Oracle : Unlimited Tablespace, User Creation
  74. Regarding the Datatype nvarchar
  75. Help regarding database refresh
  76. Reducing Database Fragmentation
  77. Best way to compare two Databases
  78. Database not Opening
  79. Datafiles Efficiency: More Files vs Increase the Size
  80. Oracle Service Consuming Lot of CPU Resource
  81. How to Start the Service Manager
  82. How to init an object type
  83. Shell Script To Dynamically Generate Init.ora File
  84. How much memory is been utilized by the SGA
  85. Unable to locate statement causing error
  86. Deleting all objects from a tablespace
  87. Function can use Out/Inout Parameter
  88. How to Drop undo Tablespace
  89. Multiplexing Redo Logs Onto Raid
  90. Deleting duplicate rows in the table
  91. Explain Row level and statement level trigger
  92. What is a JOIN? Explain types of JOIN in oracle.
  93. What is object data type in oracle?
  94. Explain the attributes of implicit cursor.
  95. Describe ref cursor in Oracle.
  96. Describe ref cursor in Oracle.
  97. What is locking, advantages of locking and types of locking in oracle?
  98. Explain oracle memory structures.
  99. Describe in brief about snapshot in oracle.
  100. What is a synonym?
  101. What is a schema?
  102. What is a cursor? What are its types?
  103. What is an Archiver?
  104. Define a sequence in terms of oracle.
  105. Explain the difference between a hot backup and a cold backup in oracle.
  106. Explain the difference between ARCHIVELOG mode and NOARCHIVELOG mode in oracle.
  107. What are SQLCODE and SQLERRM and why are they important for PL/SQL developers?
  108. What is tkprof and how is it used?
  109. Explain the different types of queries in Oracle.
  110. What is drawback of cursor?
  111. What are the purposes of Import and Export utilities?
  112. Explain the concepts of Exception in Oracle. Explain its type.
  113. Explain the memory structure of Oracle.
  114. Define CLOB and NCLOB datatypes.
  115. What is the BFILE datatypes?
  116. Write a PL/SQL program for a trigger.
  117. Write a PL/SQL program for a function returning total tax collected from a particular
  118. Name the components of physical database structure of Oracle database.
  119. What is Rollback Segment in oracle?
  120. Explain the characteristics of Data Files in oracle.
  121. What is clusters?
  122. Define Statement Auditing, Privilege Auditing and Object Auditing in oracle.
  123. What is Two-Phase Commit?
  124. What is a SNAPSHOT?
  125. Describe Oracle architecture in brief.
  126. What is the function of SMON?
  127. Explain different types of segment
  128. Explain SGA memory structures
  129. What is SQL Loader? Explain the files used by SQL Loader to load file
  130. What is the physical and logical structure of oracle?
  131. Now Youtube Upload limit increases to 15 minutes for all users
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  134. 5 Factors That Will Help You Find The Top Affiliate Programs
  135. SaaS-eCommerce Sites: Twitter Case Provides Critical Lessons in Administrative Securi
  136. Tips To Develop Uniquely Crazy Campaigns
  137. 5 ways of efficient offline promotion for your website
  138. Top 10 ways to make money online
  139. How to effectively advertise online
  140. 5 Ways of Effectively Internet Advertising
  141. Make Money with PopUp and PopUnder Ads
  142. Don't Get "Google Slapped"
  143. The Top 10 Alternatives to Google Adsense
  144. How to display your web site logo on the address bar and in the favorites list
  145. Does your site have a privacy statement?
  146. How to make Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla or Opera your default browser
  147. How to disable and enable cookies
  148. How to upgrade IIS 3.x to log extended information
  149. Instant Messages over AOL, CompuServe and the Internet
  150. What can you do when web robots are hammering your site
  151. Introduction to mailing lists
  152. Award yourself
  153. CGI? What is it? Can I do CGI?
  154. Reducing the size of your JPEG (JPG) images
  155. Retrieving files from server-side scripts using ActiveX components
  156. Create great effects for your web pages in seconds using colorized text
  157. Easy way to submit your web page URL to multiple search engines
  158. Checking the status of the information superhighway using ping and traceroute gateway
  159. How to start Netscape Communicator with a specific user profile
  160. Adding page breaks to your web pages
  161. Have you heard about META tags?
  162. How to cure long and hard-to-remember URL blues using a redirecting service
  163. How to install Perl scripts on Internet Information Server
  164. Web rings - focused categories and traffic for your pages
  165. Font embedding for web pages
  166. Reading web server response
  167. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear surfer, Happy birthday to you!
  168. Free web space for your home page
  169. Commonly used Internet related file types
  170. Is Windows taskbar's auto hide feature enabled?
  171. Calling Control Panel applets from your programs and scripts
  172. bin2hex - script to convert data files into source code arrays
  173. Compilers and interpreters for computer languages
  174. Windows services - Getting a list of installed services
  175. Windows services - Converting between key and display names
  176. Windows services - Starting and stopping
  177. Windows services - Checking status
  178. Making your source code with arrays easier to read
  179. Life cycle of a form
  180. What's the name of the Window at x,y?
  181. How to bring up the network connections dialog using Win32 API
  182. Getting user input the easy way
  183. Handy little Write() equivalent for Windows programs
  184. Differences between T****on, TBitBtn, and TSpeed****on
  185. Dynamically changing TCP/IP DNS addresses
  186. How to find the starting and the ending element positions of an array
  187. Warning: Hint and Warning messages are turned off!
  188. How to declare and initialize static arrays
  189. Add more colors to Delphi's syntax highlighter
  190. What exactly can the Rich Edit Control do anyway?
  191. How do I know if I have Delphi 2.01?
  192. If you only knew the format of that file...
  193. When was that file last accessed?
  194. Resizing huge strings
  195. Go back to your parent...
  196. Your own object inspector
  197. Quick way to retrieve current screen resolution
  198. How to reverse strings
  199. A new look for AdSense for content ad units
  200. Your own version of the Navigator
  201. Easier way to manipulate favorites on-the-spot
  202. Find out your computer's IP address
  203. Changing your counter's face - where to find counter digit styles
  204. Add hot keys to your forms
  205. robots.txt file related security issues
  206. Using Format() to format your code
  207. Say no to program closings!
  208. View your code in assembly
  209. QuiQuick way to retrieve current screen resolution
  210. How to reverse strings
  211. Using Format() to format your code
  212. Say no to program closings!
  213. Make it easier to read source code
  214. Printers
  215. View your code in assembly
  216. Hello, word!
  217. Global exception handler
  218. Rich labels
  219. How to stop Windows from displaying critical error messages
  220. How to get current user name
  221. Dynamically calling functions in DLLs
  222. How to retrieve environment variables
  223. How to change Netscape preferences from your program (and access multiple email accou
  224. Everyone take note please - I changed the registry!
  225. What did I just right click on?
  226. Is that a bitmap I see on your menu item?
  227. Why not call it by its name?
  228. Why always drag a window by its title bar?
  229. How to install fonts
  230. Search and replace...
  231. Shuffle strings...
  232. Setting Windows wallpaper revisited (with new tricks!)
  233. Moving to the next tab stop
  234. Control AutoPlay (dynamically) from your program
  235. Search for help...
  236. Do you have Hot Keys?
  237. Detecting CD-ROM disc and other disk change using serial numbers
  238. GlobalMemoryStatus() to the rescue
  239. Count your words
  240. Calling CreateProcess() the easy way
  241. Better way to display [error] messages
  242. Can your video handle 16, 256, 32768, 16777216, or more colors?
  243. How to add database aliases to BDE at run time
  244. How to comment out large amount of source code
  245. So you're moving from Visual Basic to Delphi...
  246. How to make Internet Explorer automatically search for tips from the address bar
  247. How to change your browser's start page
  248. Counters, trackers and log analyzers for your web page
  249. How to disable or enable JavaScript
  250. How to find out the brand and the version of web browser you're using