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    Valuation basis

    Hello All

    We have Basic=17000 and HRA=7000 in IT0008.

    Attached the Factoring calculations from our Config.

    Please check whether these two rules are correct and can be executed without an...
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    SuccessFactors email

    Hello All,

    is it possible to track the e-mails that success factors system sent please? I know in SAP it is possible,
    so checking the possibility in Successfactors system.

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    CATs profile for Multiple Pernr entry

    Hi All,

    I am trying to create a CATs profile that would help Time administrator to enter time data for multiple pernrs.

    I have copied an existing CATs profile and have enabled the check box:...
  4. how to create custom appraisal template

    Hello Experts,

    Can we create custom appraisal templates with custom layout? If yes then how? please share me documents .


    Click on Below Link for full details ...
  5. How can i change person id into personnel number


    I am using SAP HRMS.

    id like to change my search option into Personnel number instead of Person ID. How can i change it?
    Please someone teach me.

    attached is the sample.
  6. Appraisals- Matrix Reporting Structure

    Hello Folks,

    We have a requirement in appraisal for the matrix Reporting structure, below are the options I am planning to consider for the implementation. Please provide your thoughts and...
  7. Fiori Wave 9 enabling Concurrent and Global Employment

    In my last blog post Just Released - New Fiori Apps for HCM in Wave 9, I talked about the 2 new HCM apps delivered with Fiori wave 9. But this is not all. This blog will cover what else was delivered...
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    Time management-Operation GOTC

    Hi there,

    Gotc creates 5 loops. if I have a need of 8 loops, I can copy it to ZOTC. Need help to know what needs to be modified in program?

    Also has anybody used more than 5 loops effectively...
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    IT 1007 Vacancy info type issue

    Hi Guru's
    please suggest me on the below case relating to IT 1007.

    I tried to hired an employee with position 122345 from 01/01/2014, and again i performed resignation action on 05/31/2014...
  10. IT709 missing for new Personnel assignment

    Hi Expert,

    While performing New Additional assignment for Global employees IT709 (Personenl ID) is not getting created automatically.

    Below is the current setting in the table T77S0

  11. IT Declaration Task is Not opening in UWL

    Hello ,

    The IT declaration in UWL is not working. I have configured the application parameters in swf visu and have ceared cache, and tested in UWL . But the item is not converting into link . I...
  12. Two employees are somehow linked to one another.


    There are 2 employee numbers linked to one another.
    When maintaining employee record of A, then employee record B is locked for maintenance.
    Please find the screen shot attached.
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    Salary Hold Functionality


    I had posted this documnent once before but I took it down thinking it was incorrect but after some clarity I have re-posted it. Please go through it and let me know if there are any...
  14. Payroll Australia - Employee Deductions

    Hi We have casual employees, who have deductions such as union, social club etc. When these employees do not work, these deduction still come out and cause a claim. SAP will take the claim amount...
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    Relationship of Jobs to Position


    When I maintain EG and ESG infotype(1013) through Jobs (Po03) should'nt these fields be automatically populated in Position (Po13) when I assign the relationship between Jobs and Positions?
  16. Dynamic Actions: delete single infotype record of Time Constraint 3


    we have configured some wage types in IT0015 to allow for multiple records on the same date.

    These records in IT0015 are created through Dynamic Actions when we create a record in a...
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    PF not deducting to 1800

    Dear Experts,

    I have done all the implementation activities for the Business.

    When we have run the payroll the PF amount is showing 1848 for 26th Aug to 25th Sep and 1752 for 26th Sep to 25th...
  18. Thread: It0006

    by welcomewiki


    Hello Team

    When we are trying to enter address details in IT0006, getting below error

    "Telephone number must consist of seven digits"

    Please advise us whether we need to apply any SAP...
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    Successfactors intricacies

    Hi Experts,

    I've worked on a SF implementation project with my present client spanning across configurations, interfaces etc. I am not basically coming from HR background but have a very good...
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    Pay Slip Formats in EC


    Does anyone know if it is possible to create pay slips in different formats within EC? If so, is there any documentation supporting this?

    Many thanks for any help anyone can provide.
  21. Rpuaud00 report selction screen is showing old

    Dear Experts,
    We need new selection screens for RPUAUD00 logged changes report, now its showing old look, please suggest the solutions.

    Old look
  22. PCR to get a wage type from last pay result.


    I have a PCR to get WT 9JNS from last pay result but the problem is that if the payroll month is January then not getting the WT 9JNS. Could anyone suggest what would be the issue?...
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    Time Integration Query


    Can anyone possibly help with the below query?

    We have a client who wants to use the hybrid model: PA in SAP HCM, MSS/ESS services in EC. The issue that we have is with time balances; is...
  24. Tax Reporter issue on Quarterly 941 not showing previous period adjustments in curren

    Hello All,

    I am facing an issue with the 941 quarterly form not showing retro calculation corrections when a retro is run back to the beginning of the year with a result of either a credit or a...
  25. SSL certificate for ODATA & Compound API

    Hi all,

    I have used ODATA API to upsert data and compound API for fetching data from Successfactors. I have used Basic authentication for enabling the transmission between API and Successfactors....
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