In SAP R/3 there are more than 50000 english transaction codes. Some of these transactions are very dangerous and user access to such transactions should be restricted. So what exactly are dangerous transactions in SAP R3. Dangerous T-Codes can corrupt or damage the SAP system. Such transactions also present a security risk and haev an adverse impact on the SAP system performance.

Usually, access to such dangerous SAP transactions should be restricted to the production system. Development and test systems do not pose that much of a risk. The production system is important because it contains live data and the entire company's operations are dependent on such data. Restricting access to dangerous SAP transactions can be done in two ways. The first way is to restrict the user through standard SAP security to such transactions. The second line fo control is to lock such transactions at the client level. Once locked such transactions cannot be accessed by any user. Critical transaction codes from each SAP module should be locked after thorough consultation with the functional process owners.

Comments What are other transation which can damage the systemIf have list please share so we can protect systemsRegardsUmeshUmeshonine2002gmailcomI am an auditor please if u have a list of such dangerous tcodes please share so that we can protect the system wellRegardsSandeep