A missing long text is to be uploaded from a file which is attached to the note.

1. Save the file attached to the note onto a local disk drive.

2. If necessary, unpack the corresponding file and also save it.

3. Start the descriptive text editor:

a) If you enter a long text for a DDIC object, you can directly open the editor from the corresponding object via 'Goto ->Documentation'.

b) Furthermore, most DDIC object have the 'Documentation' ****on.

c) Go to Transaction SE61 and select the corresponding document class. Enter the technical name of the text.

4. From the menu choose 'Document->Upload',

5. select the 'ITF' format,

6. specify the path in which you saved the unpacked files.

7. Add the corresponding file name.

8. Choose 'Continue'.

9. Activate the document (Crtl+F12) and

10. make sure your save the text in the same development class/package as the underlying object (for example, the data element, function module, message...). It may not be possible to change the development class/package.