After you add another partition to the tablespace PSAPFACTD or #FACTD, the command REDISTRIBUTE NODEGROUP fails with the SQL code SQL6047N (Nodegroup cannot be redistributed because table does not have a partitioning key).

Reason and Prerequisites

Your fact tablespace is on a DB2 UDB EEE partition. You want to add one or more partitions to your fact tablespace. The fact tablespace contains one or two SAP BW control tables that have no partitioning key.


The two tables RSDMFACTAB and RSMDMCNVTAB are affected. If your fact tablespace was initially only on a DB2 UDB EEE partition, these tables were created without a partitioning key. If you find these tables in your fact tablespace, transfer them to another, non-partitioned tablespace with report DB6CONV (see OSS note 362325). Then execute the command REDISTRIBUTE NODEGROUP for the fact tablespace. Then transfer the tables RSDMFACTAB and RSMDMCNVTAB with report DB6CONV back into the fact tablespace.