Component: Product Safety
Module: Specification Management
Description of the symptoms:

Within the dialog of real substance/material assignment, up to now you do not have the option to implement customer-specific functions, like for example the display of DG-specific material attributes, for a selected material/substance combination.

Other terms
Product Safety
Specification Management
Material Assignment

Reason and Prerequisites
Up to now, the required function did not exist in the
EH&S standard system.

The prerequisite for this note is:
EH&S 2.7B Support Package 07
EH&S 3.1 in PLM 1.10 Support Package 16 or
EH&S 3.2 in PLM 2.00 Support Package 04.

An interface for the implementation of a customer enhancement is implemented in function group C106 (Development class: CBUI) 'EHS: Subs. Proc. Material Assignment'. The technical conversion of the interface is adopted with different methods in the EH&S releases:
EH&S 2.7b: Customer exit. Enhancement C1060003
EH&S 3.1 et seqq.: BAdI enhancement. Definition EHSS_MAT_****ON
In order to use the enhancement, you have to implement the customer exit or the BAdI.


This customer exit is available exclusively in EH&S Release 2.7b. In all other EH&S releases (as of PLM 1.0, EH&S 3.1 et seqq.), the customer exit is replaced by a Business Add-In. This results in the following situation:
If you create a project for this customer exit on an EH&S 2.7b system, this project must be set up as a new BAdI enhancement after you performed an upgrade to a higher EH&S release. The project of the customer exit is no longer called after the upgrade. The enhancements of the project in the customer namespace are not overwritten during the upgrade.

The enhancement is delivered with:
EH&S 2.7B Support Package 08.
EH&S 3.1 in PLM 1.10 Support Package 17 or
EH&S 3.2 in PLM 2.00 Support Package 05.