We have some costs like salaries,travel & tour ,Admin and Sales & Marketing Costs etc .

As you all know that the above said costs are posted to relevant cost centers and now we want to allocate the costs to COPA through assessment as we don't have the option of Distribution in COPA.

I need some help on the following points:

1.While defining the CYCLE for COPA ,in the header screen of Cycle,there is a field to enter TF Basis (i.e. 1 -Costing Based

and 2- Account based) .I have selected 2 (account based) and allocated the costs.When we allocate the costs by account based,then we can't see the these allocated costs in the Costing based COPA Reports.

Is there any option for allocation of costs in both the types of COPA ,so that we can get the costs in both the types of COPA Reports.

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