Functions are missing in the standard system.

Other terms
ACS, backlog, backlog list, scheduling agreement, purchase order, summarized JIT call, undercoverage, open quantities, outstanding purchase orders

Reason and Prerequisites
The "Backlog list in materials management" Automotive Consulting Solution is available for Basis Release 4.6 and higher.

Implement the "Backlog list in materials management" Automotive Consulting Solution.

  1. 1. Definition of an Automotive Consulting Solution
An Automotive Consulting Solution can be defined as:

  • (Advance) implementations of an already implemented function from a SAP Core/Automotive/Best Practices release

  • Development project solutions from SAP Automotive Consulting which are not included in any SAP Core/Automotive/Best Practices release.
  1. 2. "Backlog list in materials management" Automotive Consulting Solution
Sample of functions:


... according to criteria such as material, plant, vendor, MRP controller, purchasing document type


... display of the list for scheduling agreements, purchase orders and summarized JIT calls

... overview list of undercoverage situation for the past, the present and the future

... display of the quantity ordered, the quantity notified, the quantity posted for goods receipt and the open quantity

... detail list of all documents for a material in a selected period

... links (hotspots) in various transactions (material, purchasing document, stock overview ...)

  1. 3. Implementation information
This solution is an add-on which does not require any modifications.

The implementation occurs in the Z namespace and can be carried out remotely on the respective customer system.

  1. 4. Contents of the delivery
The delivery includes the implementation of the Automotive Consulting Solution, user documentation and technical documentation.

After the implementation For the first six months after the technical implementation, corrections are free of charge. After that, SAP Consulting is available.

  1. 5. Source of supply and more information
Mario Rebitzer (Mario.Rebitzer@sap. com)

You find an overview over all Automotive Consulting Solutions, a list of FAQs and customer presentations under: com/germany/services/consulting/automotive/acs
(German) com/germany/campaigns/automotive-acs/index.htm