While we have yet to produce a talk show host of the calibre of Oprah Winfrey or Ellen DeGeneres, we cannot overlook the popularity of Karan Johar, Simi Garewal and the likes. With Shekhar Suman all set to return to television with his cult show Movers & Shakers, and Raveena Tandon starting a new one called It's My Life; we take a look at all the talk show hosts who've entertained us in the last decade.

Farah Khan: When Farah Khan turned chat show host with Tere Mere Beach Mein everyone knew she would manage to get the biggest stars on board. And she did. She started the show with Salman Khan (which was a feat considering even Karan Johar couldn’t do that!) and ended with Shah Rukh Khan (of course, in 2009 they were still thick). She had real spunk which made the show quite entertaining.

Rajat Kapoor: Remember Preity Zinta’s cool uncle from Dil Chahta Hai or the khadoos (evil) guy who makes fun of innocent idiots in Bheja Fry? Yes, we are talking about multi-talented actor, writer and director Rajat Kapoor. About five years ago, he hosted Lounge, which can easily be described as India’s first adult chat show, in which he discussed complexities of modern relationships with regular people. From *** and contraception to live-in relationships and divorces, he chatted about everything. The best part was, even the guests didn’t mind the ‘no holds barred’ conversations. It was definitely a one-of-a-kind chat show, and Rajat was exceptionally good at it.

Preity Zinta: The world knows Preity Zinta is a talker, sometimes annoyingly so, and that she can jibber-jabber all day long. So it was hardly a surprise that after her acting career as a lead heroine was over she switched to television. Although she did manage to rope in all the biggies that she worked with, from Salman and SRK to Hrithik and Akshay Kumar, her show Up, Close and Personal with PZ failed to grab eyeballs.

Farhan Akhtar: Oye! It's Friday! had skits and spoofs, song and dance sequences and of course, big Bollywood celebrities. He had great comic timing as well which worked as a big plus. Wonder why the producers didn’t come up with a second season?

Simi Garewal: As clichéd as it may sound it's true – love her or hate her but you can’t ignore her. If people thought she was annoyingly sugary in Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, they found her equally irritating in Simi’s Most Desirable, especially her alter ego Kiki. However, both of her shows were a hit. Guess she brought out the vulnerable side of celebrities that none of the other talk show hosts could, and that was endearing.

Rakhi Sawant: You must be wondering how in the world Rakhi Sawant made it to the list? While her shows like Rakhi ka Insaaf and Ghazab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaaniyan were definitely crass, her chat show The Rakhi Sawant Showz on Zoom was fairly interesting and entertaining. Rakhi being Rakhi, loud mouthed and opinionated, she didn’t hesitate to ask outrageous questions no matter how big the celeb was. And she had a quirky take on everything, from Bollywood scandals to bad movies, which kept the viewers amused.

Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla: The better halves of India's top men talking about how it is to live with their super-achiever husbands… now that’s a unique concept for a show. While the designer duo’s The First Ladies wasn’t much of a success, we did like the sophistication that they brought on the show. Besides, with the guest list that comprised of Nita Ambani, Tanya Deol, Nirja Birla, Adhuna Akhtar and the likes, it was absolutely refreshing.

Pooja Bedi: She has the guts to call a spade a spade. Her very effervescent attitude made Just Pooja a big hit. No matter how controversial the question was or how big the celebrity was, she never flinched while asking them. Wonder what happened to that Pooja Bedi who unfortunately is now reduced to 'Bigg Boss'-type reality shows. We would love to have the “Just Pooja” back.

Shekhar Suman: He could talk about economy and politics with as much ease as he would rant about movies and celebs. Movers & Shakers was probably a milestone in Shekhar Suman’s career and now he is all set to return to television with the same show after almost a decade. It will feature gags, stand-up comedy acts, along with a 10-minute chat with famous celebrities.

Karan Johar: We don’t mind calling his show 'the baap of all chat shows'. Koffee With Karan had all the ingredients of a big Bollywood masala movie – hot gossip, hotter celebs, controversial statements, closet secrets and baap of all games, The Rapid Fire round. The viewers enjoyed every bit of it, and three seasons of the show explains its popularity.

Who’s your favourite Indian talk show host of all time? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Source: Odiva