MUMBAI: Over the last six months, a handful of agency leaders have lost their jobs due to misconduct. The latest to join the list is from as agency Ogilvy. The company terminated its chief creative officer Tham Khai Meng after employees complained about unspecified violations of company policy, according to an internal memo from CEO John Seifert.
Meng had the role at the WPP firm since 2009, a role that effectively ended after a two-week investigation memo Seifert sent to his staffers globally.
Seifert did not specify the nature of these complaints in the memo but did state that he “found these complaints serious enough to appoint external legal counsel to investigate the matter".
After stating that the subsequent investigation “concluded that Khai’s behavior was a clear breach of our company values and code of conduct,” Seifert confirmed that his employment with Ogilvy was terminated with immediate effect.
Khai joined Ogilvy in 1999 and went on to become one of advertising’s most visible, creative thought leaders. He was promoted to worldwide CCO and co-chairman in 2009 and served as the public face of one of the world’s oldest ad agencies.

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