You can easily fix your broken umbrella! If your umbrella’s canopy ripped, simply sew up the hole or use a repair patch. If the spokes come undone, use small-gauged wire to refasten them. If the stem snaps off, apply super glue to reattach both pieces. With a few tools and a little patience, your favorite umbrella will be as good as new.

EditFixing the Canopy

  1. Stitch the rip closed with a needle and thread if fixing a minor tear. Do this if your umbrella has a small snag or if the spoke ripped out of the end. Thread a needle using nylon thread (which is waterproof), and make a double knot at the end. Fold over of the torn fabric, pierce your needle through both pieces, and pull your thread until you reach the knot.[1]

    • To make more stitches, push the needle through the same side of the fabric as the first stitch, and then alternate between sides.
    • Leave about in between your stitches.
    • Knot your thread and snip it off when you've finished sewing the tear closed.

  2. Sew a patch of fabric over top the damaged area if mending a hole. Use a patch if the rip or hole is more than long and wide. Use a nylon fabric in a similar color and texture to match your umbrella as best as you can. Cut the fabric larger than the hole using fabric scissors. Then, line up the patch on the inside of the hole. Thread a sewing needle with nylon thread, and make a double knot at the end.[2]

    • Pierce the needle through both pieces of fabric, and pull your thread forward.
    • Push the needle back through the same side of the fabric, and make your next stitch about away.
    • Continue sewing around the fabric until the patch is secure on all sides.

  3. Use a patching kit to fix your umbrella without sewing it. If you want to fix a hole in your umbrella canopy but do not have a sewing needle or thread, you can purchase a nylon adhesive repair patch. Apply some rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball, and rub it around the hole to clean the area. Cut the size of your patch to the size of your hole, and round the edges with your scissors. Peel away the backing of the patch, and press it to the outer fabric of your umbrella.[3]

    • Cleaning the patch before you adhere it helps it stick to your umbrella.
    • These patches are typically .
    • They come in colors including black, blue, green, navy, red, and orange.

EditMending the Spokes

  1. Open up your umbrella halfway so the spokes are at an angle. If the axle of your spokes has broken off, it is easiest to repair the spokes with the umbrella slightly closed. To do this, use the ****on or slide tool on your umbrella as if you were opening it all the way, but don’t quite secure the umbrella in the open position.[4]

    • This way, the spokes are still bent so you can easily line up the connector piece.

  2. Line up the small holes on the end of your spoke so you can reattach it. There are small holes on either side of the spoke. Align the holes so you can see through both of them.[5]
  3. Place a piece of wire long through both of the holes. Use your wire cutters to cut a piece of 20-2 gauged wire a few inches long. Then, place 1 end of the wire through both of your aligned holes. Center the wire so there is about of wire on either side.[6]
  4. Pinch both wires in between your fingers and twist it into place. Place your index finger on 1 end and your thumb on the other, then move your thumb and index finger together to close up both ends. Then, pinch both ends and twist them clockwise to secure the wire in place. Twist the wire until you reach the end of your pieces, at least 4-5 times.[7]

    • This essentially creates a new axle or connecting piece out of wire.

  5. Snip off any extra wire using wire cutters. If you have a long, jagged end of your wire sticking out, simply clip it off at the base of the twist. At this point, your umbrella spokes are fixed![8]

EditRepairing the Stem

  1. Use a damp cloth to clean the umbrella stem so the glue sticks properly. Wet a clean washcloth with warm water, and wipe down the handle and stem of your umbrella.[9]

    • This gets rid of any superficial dirt, so the glue sticks to the umbrella well.

  2. Dab a few thin beads of superglue to 1 end and hold it against the other. Unscrew the lid of your glue container, and squeeze out a few small beads of superglue onto the end of your stem. Then, place the other side of the stem up to the glue. Hold both ends together for about 30 seconds, applying steady pressure.[10]

    • Do this to fix a broken stem or to reattach the handle of your umbrella.

  3. Wrap small-gauged wire around the stem if you need reinforcement. First, fix your umbrella stem with super glue. If you want to add some support, wrap 20-2 gauged wire around the stem about below the damage. Continue wrapping wire around the stem until you reach about above the damage.[11]

    • Cut the end of the wire leaving or so at the end. Tuck the wire underneath the wrapped wire, twist it around, and trim off any excess with your wire cutters.
    • While this is optional, it helps prevent your umbrella stem from snapping off again.
    • If you want to help your wire stay in place, apply a small dab of glue at the beginning and end.


  • If your umbrella is still in rough shape after you repair it, simply buy another one. Do this if the whole canopy is ripped off or if the spokes break in multiple sections, for instance.
  • You can purchase umbrella repair supplies from home supply stores, craft supply stores, and online vendors.


  • Throw away your umbrella if it is rusted or if there are sharp edges.

EditThings You’ll Need

EditFixing the Canopy

  • Waterproof thread
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Needle
  • Umbrella repair kit

EditMending the Spokes

  • Small-gauged wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Superglue

EditRepairing the Stem

  • Washcloth
  • Water
  • Superglue
  • Small-gauged wire
  • Wire cutters

EditSources and Citations

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