This wikiHow will show you how to access the Google Gravity trick or "Easter Egg".

  1. Open a JavaScript-enabled desktop web browser. You can use any common browser—such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari—to access the site; however, your browser must have JavaScript enabled.

    • Most browsers, including the ones listed above, have JavaScript enabled by default.
    • You may need to enable JavaScript in your favorite browser before proceeding.

  2. Open Google. Type in your open web browser.
  3. Click the search bar. It's in the middle of the page.
  4. Type into the search bar.
  5. Click . It's below the search bar. Doing so opens the Google Gravity page.

    • If you click Google Search or press , the Google Gravity site is the top result.

  6. Wait for the Google Gravity page to load. On computers with slow Internet connections, it may take up to a minute for the Google Gravity interface to appear. Once you see the Google logo and search bar appear, you can proceed.
  7. Move your mouse cursor. Moving your mouse cursor down onto the white part of the page will cause the Google logo and other ****ons and page elements to drop down to the bottom of the page.

    • Once the Google Gravity elements have fallen down, you can toss them around the page by clicking and dragging them.

  8. Access the Google Gravity page via a link. If for some reason the I'm Feeling Lucky ****on doesn't load the Google Gravity page, you can go to in your computer's web browser to access the page.

    • This link will also work in mobile browsers.


  • Attempting to use Google Gravity on an outdated browser or on a slow computer may result in your browser freezing or crashing.

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