MUMBAI: Greenply, known for its innovative ad campaigns, has an important message to share with everyone this Diwali season.
Its brand new audio visual campaign spanning 45 seconds which has been widely shared on social media grips the attention of the audience by capturing the trauma faced by animals due to the noise created by firecrackers during the Festival.
The trend of bursting fire crackers has been around for a long time but apart from affecting the environment gravely over the last several years, it brings with it a disturbing experience for the animals around us.

Greenply thus urges people to go noise free this Diwali so that the joyous festival doesn’t turn into a cause of trauma for the creatures around us. Unlike us, they do not have voices to express their distress.
They look up to their compassionate and responsible human friends to be their advocates.
The video encourages people to make their pets as well as all animals around us be a part of Diwali by making it noise free and sharing pictures with the hashtag of #WontHideFromDiwali.

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