MUMBAI: E-commerce has not even scratched the surface of its growth potential in the country - this according to Amazon India head Amit Agarwal. The giant will not shy away from another round of aggressive investments in this market.*
As per the reports, Agarwal said that the company is looking to add another 100 million users to its platform in India. He added that the company would transform the landscape of domestic e-commerce and take its prime subscription base in the country to 100 million. Earlier this year, the company said it has more than 100 million Prime users globally. Prime drives a significant part of its overall sales in India.*
Repeating the words used by CEO Jeff Bezos, on the occasion of the US companyís fifth anniversary in India, Agarwal said that Amazon is not even in ĎDay1í of e-commerce in India.
As per the reports, Bezos had committed $5 billion investment for India since Amazonís entry and *much of this has already been invested. The current numbers for Prime and the overall user base in India were not disclosed by Agarwal. He also didnít reveal about the size of possible future investments. As per Kantar IMRBís study of 32,000 online shoppers, 50 per cent of online shoppers chose to shop on Amazon India during the festive season sale this year. Moreover, Flipkart had claimed leadership over Amazon during the sale.*

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