MUMBAI: Indian sports icon Virat Kohli has launched his brainchild One8*Fragrances giving his fans an insight into his 'hitherto hidden playful, candid, light-hearted, and jovial personality'. As revealed by the Brand, One8 Fragrances is a culmination of all the unfamiliar characteristics of Virat’s personality, a celebration of his philosophy and approach towards life – to be ‘Always on’.
The marquee product offerings by One8 Fragrances include pocket sprays starting from as low as Rs 75, along with deodorants – including Aqua, Willow, Intense, Active, Fresh, and Pure – priced at an extremely affordable price point of R 225. The collection also has a range of Eau De Parfum such as Aqua, Intense, Fresh and Pure, which are priced at INR 1,495.
The fragrances have been created by some of the most premium French Perfumeries. With this collection, One8 Fragrance aspires to provide the masses with access to luxury at an affordable price.
Sharing an insight about the One8 brand, Virat Kohli said, “One8 is very close to my heart. Through the brand and its collections, I want to connect with my fans on a deeper level and give them an access to the candid and joyful side of my personality that has not been seen before. I want everyone to be closely involved in my journey, grow with me, and celebrate being fun yet focused, giving it one’s all and living harmoniously without compromising. The launch of One8 Fragrances is an extension of this brand proposition – and of my personality.”

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