MUMBAI: Amway India has announced the launch of its latest innovation - ‘Glister Herbals Toothpaste’, to mark its entry into the herbal oral care market. With this new and advanced product, Amway aims to target the flourishing Rs 1980 crore oral care segment in India.
Announcing the launch of Glister Herbals, Amway India chief marketing officer Sundip Shah said, “Glister has been one of our most popular global brands. A bestseller for over five decades, it has won the trust of millions of consumers worldwide and has been an integral part of their oral hygiene routine. Keeping with our commitment of offering highest quality products and addressing the increasing demand for natural and herbal alternatives for long-term healthy living, Glister Herbals is an expansion of our flagship brand and indigenously developed for our Indian consumers.”
He further added, “The industry for herbal oral care products has grown significantly in recent years, fueled by consumers’ preference for herbal solutions and trust in their long-term benefits. However, our research empirically highlights the need for likeable sensorials – a gap that exists in the available offerings in the market currently. This often leads to consumers shifting to regular and non-herbal products. Glister Herbals’ has the goodness of herbs with great taste and appealing colour. With this powerful mix, we aim to transform the product usage experience and long-term adoption of herbal toothpastes in the market and I am confident in our latest innovation and its potential to transform the category.”
Amway India category head, beauty and personal care Anisha Sharma added, “Glister Herbals is best defined as the herbal oral care solution from Amway offering great taste with the goodness of herbs. This multi-action toothpaste is enriched with 11 ingredients such as spearmint, clove, ginger, neem, mulethi, among others, which are known for their benefits and great taste. It also has biodegradable microbeads of essential oils comprising clove and tea tree to ensure maximum efficacy of the constituents. The goodness of herbs promises 12-hour germ protection and fresh breath benefits along with remineralisation and teeth whitening.”
She further added, “We are excited with the business opportunity offered by the market. In order to ensure national wide reach and to engage consumers, we are introducing digital activations across platforms and organising dental camps in key markets. As ingredient story and taste is key to the success of our new herbal offering, we have begun taste challenges for our direct sellers for which we have received an overwhelming response. We are sure that the Glister Herbals will receive favorable response from the consumers.”

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