MUMBAI: Online fashion brand FabAlley has introduced the second leg of the #FabFitsAll campaign to champion inclusivity in fashion and embrace body positivity. This digital campaign features influencers proclaiming the message of believing in being fashionable, irrespective of one’s size, shape, height, or weight as well as engage in conversations to iterate the consequences of body shaming and encourage women to embrace their bodies. *
FabAlley has partnered with six diverse influencers – Vishakha Bhaskar, Anupriya Roy, Sherlyn Singh, Arushi Soni, Sitara Singh, and Aishwarya Sharma to discuss their journey, discomforts, goals, how they dealt with body shaming and their personal messages for all the women who are apprehensive in their approach to fashion.
The brand believes #FabFitsAll is not just a campaign but a culture that embraces becoming your best self without adhering to what society has deemed as acceptable and 'normal'.
FabAlley co-founders Tanvi Malik and Shivani Poddar said, “After seeing the success of the first round of #FabFitsAll it became imminent for us to extend a second leg for the campaign to ensure that this movement, this conversation does not stagnate. We want to empower women to embrace and love their natural selves. As a brand, we want to encourage all women to throw away inhibitions. With #FabFitsAll, FabAlley is propagating body positivity strongly.” *
They added, “Inclusivity is our brand’s DNA & our fabulous tribe of diverse fashion influencers is proclaiming it, loud and proud. Women have always been under tremendous pressure to conform to sizeist norms. #FabFitsAll is our plea to women, who break down a little every day because they feel they don’t fit the “ideal” mould to throw the ‘ought to be’s’,’ should be’s’, ‘if only’s’ and ‘when I’s’ out the window, because they are fabulous just the way they are.”

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