MUMBAI: Raktda, an ayurveda solution for iron deficiency from Maharishi Ayurveda, has launched its latest print campaign targeting the symptoms of iron deficiency in women and how can they get in the way of their goals. The campaign has been conceptualised by Grey Group India and highlights how Raktda can help them in fighting these problems.
Speaking about the campaign, Maharishi Ayurveda global head of marketing Ramesh Yadav said, “Iron supplements category has by and large operated at a functional level in India. We wanted to reposition the category & shift the focus of conversations from the product to the aspirations of women, thereby building stronger relevance & affinity for the brand in her life.”
Grey group president and growth officer Ketan Desai added, “Raktda presented an exciting opportunity to create conversations around the importance of iron in our dietary regime. Given the lack of education around this category, we had a dual pronged challenge of creating condition awareness whilst keeping the aspirations and realities of today’s women at the center.”
For over 35 years Maharishi Ayurveda has been making the science of Ayurveda more relevant for modern lifestyle. With footprint in 40 countries, Maharishi is renowned for its expertise and superior solutions.

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