If you're someone who loves makeup, you know that the cost of cosmetics can add up fast. Fortunately, there are ways to get free makeup samples, whether you want to test out a new product or just want to save money. You can get samples online by joining a rewards program or becoming a product tester, for example, or find freebies in person at a store or beauty convention. Go get your goodies!

EditGetting Free Samples Online

  1. Sign up to be a product tester if you don't mind trying new items. Find companies that offer cosmetic product testing or review programs. Register to receive samples in exchange for writing positive reviews, sharing the product on your social media pages, or completing a survey.[1]

    • Know what the expectations are when you sign up. For example, if you agree to share the product on your Facebook page, ask the company if there’s there a specific photo you need to post, key talking points, or a certain time they want the post to go up.
    • Some popular companies for makeup testing include Influenster, PINCHMe, and Vogue Insiders.

  2. Join rewards programs if you have favorite stores where you always shop. Sign up to be a member of a retailer’s rewards program or subscribe to their email newsletter for the opportunity to receive free samples when you join or on your birthday. Check to make sure that the program is free to join before registering.[2]

    • To become a member at most stores, you only need a valid email address.
    • You can join as many different retailers’ programs as you’d like to reap all the rewards.

  3. Buy products that come with free samples if they're available. Look at a retailer’s website to find any current deals or promotions that give you samples for free with the purchase of other items. If you need to buy a hairbrush, for example, buy it from the site that offers 3 free samples of other cosmetics with any purchase instead of the site without any perks.[3]

    • For instance, if you order a makeup item online from Sephora, you'll receive 2 free beauty samples.[4]
    • Some companies may have a minimum purchase to receive samples, like $25 or $50.
    • Keep an eye out for these types of deals around the holidays, like Christmas or New Year’s, when they’re more popular.

  4. Enter a giveaway on social media if you want to win samples. Follow your favorite beauty brands on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for the chance to win free samples through giveaways. Keep an eye out for contests that require you to like, share, or comment on a post to be entered to win.[5]

    • Make sure your notifications from the brand’s page are turned on in your settings if you’re using Instagram.

  5. Request samples by writing an email if you want a specific product. Make a list of brands or companies where you’d like to get free samples from. Then, find an email address for the company’s media relations or customer service department on the company’s “About Us” or “Contact Us” page. To write the email, start by complimenting the company’s cosmetics and then work your way to requesting samples. When you’re finished, hit the send ****on.[6]

    • If you’re a blogger or social media influencer, include that you can provide free publicity to your followers for the brand.

EditScoring Free Samples in Person

  1. Get a free makeover at a beauty store to take home samples. Find out if the store offers complimentary services like makeup tutorials or demonstrations. If they do, sit for your makeover and then ask if you can take any leftover samples that the makeup artist uses home with you.

    • Pick a service related to the type of samples you want. For example, if you’d like free foundation samples, choose a skincare, foundation, or concealing makeup lesson rather than one on lips.
    • Popular stores that do free makeovers include Sephora, MAC, and Nordstrom.

  2. Ask for samples at a beauty counter or store. Tell the salesperson you want to try a new product or that you’re a new customer, which makes them more likely to give you free samples to encourage you to come back. Know what specific brands or items you want samples of ahead of time and be confident and polite when talking to the salesperson.[7]
  3. Attend beauty conventions if you don’t mind paying the registration fee. While you’ll have to pay for admission to these events, you’ll also have the opportunity to collect tons of free samples once you’re inside. Take a tote bag and browse the different vendors, who will often have baskets of cosmetic samples sitting out for you to snag.

    • Conferences can range from to 0, depending on the size.
    • Search for conventions and conferences in your area or follow popular beauty bloggers to find which events they attend or like.

  4. Shop on Black Friday if you want free samples in November. Go to stores on Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. when retailers offer some of the best deals of the year. Visit the shop of your choice on that Friday, where a lot of places put out free samples or offer freebies with purchases to entice customers.

    • Go as early in the day as possible, preferably in the morning, because products, especially free ones, will run out quickly.

EditSources and Citations

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