MUMBAI: As one of the biggest digital marketing agencies in India, Dentsu Aegis Network*has been at the forefront of leveraging the digital content sphere and also establishing a robust ecosystem for this fast-growing industry. For the past two years, it has also been releasing a comprehensive Digital Advertising in India 2018 report that gives an insight into the numbers, trends and the general ecosphere of the industry.
The third edition of the report*was launched earlier this year. On the occasion, spoke to DAN South Asia chairman and chief executive officer Ashish Bhasin for the first-ever episode of our podcast: Media Minds.
We talked to Bhasin about the report and why it is important for brands to use the digital medium smartly and responsibly. Talking about the launch, Bhasin proudly says, "We are very excited and very happy with the way the whole report has come out. What's very clear to us at DAN is that there is no business that is not going to be affected by digital. And as leaders of digital communication and advertising in India, we see it as our responsibility to make sure that authentic research on that is available, which, unfortunately, has not been revealed in India so far."
He also shared how government intervention has helped the digital ecosphere to boom, the implications of the growth of programmatic advertising, the efficient use of video platforms, and the general perception of the brands and agencies towards digital in 2019 and beyond.
Listen to the complete interaction on the first episode of ‘Media Minds’ here:

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