MUMBAI: Grey have created a unique *first for Marks & Spencer India - a campaign specifically designed *for market, keeping *in mind *an in-depth understanding of the brand *and consumer *in India.
While an increasingly *more *fashion forward audience *in India prides itself at adopting new trends and styles, they do feel the need for a guide *and a mentor who can provide *not just the right inspiration, but also encourage one to go beyond *their usual comfort zone.
The spring *re-launch *campaign *invites *customers to “Rethink” their wardrobes, with guidance *and inspiration *from Marks & Spencer. Style is about having
the *confidence to *try *something new, so whether *you want to *dip your *toe *in the *water or leap in and take the *plunge *Marks & Spencer is here to *give you the *confidence to *try *something different.
The series of ads shot in street style *settings challenge *people *to “Rethink” the *latest trends *and occasion *wear, with double *stripes, pink on pink, animal print for work, styled up joggers *for the weekend, and will run across print, social, digital, out of home *and in-store.
Ira Dubinsky, Head of International Marketing at Marks & Spencer, said: “We’re really *excited to launch *the ‘Rethink’ campaign *in India, it’s the *next evolution for *Marks & Spencer in India as we look *to deepen *our connection to the local consumer. The work is totally relevant for the *Indian consumer *and positions M&S as an incredible *destination for style and a trusted partner where they can come *for guidance *and advice time and again. Developing
the *campaign *has been a true *partnership between *our UK and Indian teams,
both agency *and in-house.”
Bikram Bindra, VP and Strategic Planning Head- Delhi, Grey group, said: "For Marks & Spencer in India, this campaign *is an important step, since it positions it not just as a trend-setter, but also a brand *that challenges perceptions and asks you to explore *new sides of your *personality.”
Marks & Spencer opened *in India in 2001 and now 71 stores *across the country, making *it the retailer’s second *biggest market outside the UK.

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