As a YouTube creator, you can pin a comment to the top of your YouTube video's “Comments” section. This will help your viewers to see the best comment when viewing your video. You can pin your own comment or another user's comment.

  1. Go to* or launch the YouTube app. Log in with your Google account, if you haven't already*done so.
  2. Navigate to the “Comments” section. Open one of your videos and scroll down to the “Comments” section.*Select the best comment*or write it yourself.

    • Alternatively, navigate to the and select “Comments” from there or use the link. Then, click on a comment which you want to pin in your video.

  3. Click on the menu* icon. You can see this icon on the right side of the comment. You need to move the mouse cursor over the comment to see it.
  4. Click on the option from the context menu. A dialog box will pop up.
  5. Hit the ****on from the box. You will see the “Comment pinned” message after you do so.
  6. Finished. Your viewers will see this comment at the top of the watch page with the “Pinned by”*text and your channel name. If you've previously pinned a different comment on your video, this new one will replace it. You're done!


  • If you want to unpin a comment, click on the icon, near your comment and select .
  • You can also follow these steps on the YouTube app for Android and iOS.


  • You can only do this if the comment is on a video uploaded to your own channel. If the comment is on a video uploaded to someone else's channel, clicking the icon will not give you the option.

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