Sock boots are all the rage these days. They’re comfortable, versatile and add a touch of high-fashion to any outfit. You can typically find sock boots in fabrics like suede, leather, neoprene, and, you guessed it: sock material. These trendy boots come in a variety of styles from chunky heeled to tall so chances are, there’s a sock boot out there that's a perfect match to your personal style sense and wardrobe.

EditChoosing Sock Boots

  1. Go for a neutral color so you can wear them with anything. Sock boots come in an array of colors, but if you want to make sure that you get the most wear out of your boots, buy them in a classic black, brown or nude color. That way, you won’t have to worry about your colorful outfits clashing with your equally colorful sock boots.[1]

  2. Choose sock boots in bright or unique colors to add an exciting accent to your outfit. Sometimes color is a good thing! If you wear a lot of neutral tones, you might end up getting a lot of wear out of a bold, colorful sock boot. A brightly hued sock boot would become the focal point of your outfit and act as a cool contrast to the more subtle shades of your clothing. Look for sock boots in jewel tones for a playful fall look and powdery pastels for summer outfits.[2]

    • Red would be a great choice. It's a favorite on fashion runways and tends to pair well with both black and white.

  3. Choose a heel that you’re comfortable walking in. Some people can rock a high heel no problem, while others do better in a lower heel. If you don’t have a lot of experience walking in high heels, then opting for a lower heel (under 2 inches) will be your best bet.[3]

    • If your heart is set on wearing sky-high heels then look for sock boots that have a bit of a “platform” on the forefoot area. This will allow you to have the silhouette of a higher heel while still being able to walk with confidence.[4]
    • Avoid awkward stepping by always leading with the heel.

  4. Try refined fabrics for a classier look. Sock boots can be worn to dressier affairs, especially if you buy them in rich fabrics like velvet or suede. Pairing a velvet sock boot with a tulle skirt would be an unforgettable evening look. Just keep in mind that these types of sock boots will usually be pricier than those made from faux leather or neoprene.

    • In order to clean your velvet or suede boots, brush with a soft-bristled shoe brush daily in the direction of the fibers.[5]
    • Avoid wearing your velvet or suede sock boots in snowy or wet weather.

  5. Choose sock boots that fit comfortably around your calves. Unlike other types of mid-calf boots like cowboy boots and snow boots, sock boots are meant to be pulled on just like a sock. When you try on your sock boots at the store, make sure the opening of the boot fits snuggly around your calves.

    • There shouldn't be any “slouching” around the calves unless that's the intended style. They should be tight and flush to your calves, just like a sock!

  6. Try an open-toed sock boot for a summery look. Sock boots can be worn year-round, even in the summer months. Opt for a peep-toe sock boot in a pastel or nude shade to wear with summer dresses, skirts and even shorts. These types of sock boots are especially flattering when worn under a maxi skirt.[6]

    • Paint your nails with nail polish for a surprise pop of color that peeks out of your sock boot.

EditWearing Your Sock Boots with Casual Outfits

  1. Balance out a bulky sweater or jacket with the slim look of a sock boot. Sock boots have the ability to give the illusion of thinner, longer legs, especially when you contrast the skin-tight sock boots with a bulky, over-sized sweater or coat. One way to pull this look off well is to wear your sock boots with a one-piece jumpsuit and a baggy jean jacket over top.[7]

    • Wear a baggy midi skirt to up the "bulkiness" of your silhouette. This will add even more contrast to the slim and tight sock boots.

  2. Wear your sock boots with a sweater dress for a cozy look. The sleek, clean look of a sock boot can add a touch of class to an otherwise low-maintenance dress. The snug look of the sock boots add a "cozy" factor to your overall outfit and will offset the bagginess of the sweater dress drawing attention to the line of your legs.[8]

    • Cinch your sweater dress with a belt to create a flared shape. This will provide more of a contrast to the slim sock boots.
    • Wear sock boots made from sweater material for a fun, cozy look.

  3. Pair your sock boots with wide leg jeans. Due to their sock-like nature, sock boots lend themselves well to being worn under wide leg jeans as opposed to being worn over tighter, skinnier ones. A brightly colored sock boot worn under wide leg jeans and a blouse is a perfect, everyday outfit.[9]

    • Sock boots also pair well with long skirts.

  4. Layer a colorful sock underneath your sock boot. Add an extra layer of color and texture by wearing a sock that’s slightly higher than your sock boot. This is a great way to jazz up plain black or brown sock boots. It's a good idea to match the sock to another piece of your outfit like your skirt or shirt. [10]

    • Go for a colorful sock. A black or white sock peeking out of your boot might look like you just forgot to pull down your socks!

EditWearing Your Sock Boots with Dressy Outfits

  1. Match your sock boots to your outfit for a high-statement monochromatic look. This style was all the rage in the '60s. If you’re wanting a more “vintage" look, pair your sock boots with a dress or jumpsuit that’s identical (or close to identical) to the color of your sock boots. This look is super fun for a night out on the town with friends.[11]

    • Try a midi-length tube dress to really get that 60's look down pat.

  2. Wear your sock boots with a mini skirt to show off your legs. Sock boots are known to accentuate the legs so if your goal is to up the *** factor and show off your sculpted physique then try a tight miniskirt with some equally tight sock boots. The cut of the boots will draw the eye right to your beautiful legs. This is a perfect look for the dance floor or a date night[12]

    • For some extra *** appeal, throw a floor length coat overtop and let your legs peek out as you walk.
    • Wear some lace or fishnet tights to bring even more attention to your legs.

  3. Wear your sock boots with a ballerina-style skirt. For a fun, flirty evening look, try pairing your sock boots with a pastel ballerina skirt made of tulle or crinoline. The soft, clean lines of a sock boot go perfectly with the delicate shape of a light and airy ballerina skirt. This look is perfect for a classy event, ****tail party or wedding[13]Advertisement

    • A sock boot made of velvet or soft fabric would pair well with this "barely there" skirt.

  4. Try wearing thigh-high sock boots for a bolder look. Sock boots come in lots of different heights, including thigh-length. Pair some black thigh-high sock boots with a leather skirt and a sleeveless turtleneck for a no-nonsense, ***y look. This style is perfect for a concert or a night out at the club.[14]

    • Thigh-high sock boots also go great under a long, statement trench coat.

  5. Wear your sock boots at work. Sock boots can be appropriate for work, depending on how you wear them. Pairing a black sock boot under a neutral-toned wide-leg dress pant is a great way to add a little "fashion" to your work outfit while still looking professional and put together. The streamlined look of a sock boot is actually pretty ideal for an indoor office environment.[15]

    • Go with a classic leather or suede sock boot for work as softer, flashier materials like suede and wool might come off as too casual or on the other side of the spectrum, too dressy.


  • A sock boot with a pointed toe will make your legs look longer than a rounded or square toe.
  • A block or chunky heel will be easier to walk in than a thinner stiletto or kitten heel.


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