A pendant necklace can be a great addition to any wardrobe. However, you may wonder how to style it with your existing wardrobe. You also may wonder what kind of pendant would personally work given your body type. There are many ways to successfully style a pendant to create a flattering, unique look.

EditConsidering Your Body Type

  1. Think about your height. In general, pendants tend to work better on taller people. If you're below 5'4", a pendant may look overwhelming. If you are on the shorter side, opt for a pendant necklace that sits above your collar bone. This way, it will add a touch of decoration to your outfit without overwhelming you.[1]

    • People of average or tall height can generally get away with a variety of different necklace sizes. If you want a longer pendant, one that goes below your collar bone, this can be flattering if you're average height or tall.
    • The size of the pendant itself does not make a big difference depending on height.

  2. Evaluate your face type. Different styles go better with round, oval, or heart-shaped faces. Look in a mirror and see if your face forms a circle, oval, or heart. Use this to decide which type of pendant would work best with you.[2]

    • Opt for a longer pendant if you have a round face, preferably one with a heavier charm. This will tug the chain downward, creating a v-effect.
    • Rounder faces would benefit from slightly shorter chains and lighter pendants. You want the chain to be rounded slightly to match your face.
    • If you have an oval face, you can wear any type of pendant.

  3. Look at your neck. Shorter necks, or necks with lots of wrinkles, benefit from longer chains. Opt for a pendant necklace between 20 and 24 inches in length. Longer necks can generally wear any length of necklace.[3]
  4. Use caution with pendant necklaces if you have a fuller figure. If you have a fuller figure, a pendant necklace may look awkward. It also may draw unnecessarily attention to your chest. Go for a smaller, less noticeable charm if you're fuller figured and want to wear a pendant necklace.[4]

    • For example, opt for a small orb rather than a large, decorative pendant. This may be more subtle, preventing unnecessary attention from being directed at your chest.

EditSelecting an Accompanying Outfit

  1. Wear a pendant with a turtleneck. Pendant necklaces often look nice with turtlenecks, especially during the colder months. You can try getting a pendant that matches the color of your turtleneck and wearing it with that outfit.[5]

    • If you're shorter or fuller figured, remember to go with a smaller pendant.

  2. Try a pendant outside a t-shirt. Pendants usually look good when worn outside t-shirts. Plain t-shirts especially can be spruced up with the presence of a decorative pendant just outside the shirt. This is a simple, minimal look that can be flattering on most people.[6]
  3. Wear a pendant with a v-neck. Some people prefer a pendent on bare skin. If you prefer this, opt to wear a pendant with a v-neck. Be careful, however, to make sure the chain is not too long. A longer chain may need to be paired with a very low-cut v-neck, or a plunging neckline, to get the desired effect.[7]
  4. Wear orbs and pearls with a solid colored top. If you're wearing a solid colored top, especially a darker color, this can go great with orbs or pearls. Opt for pendant necklaces that contain these kinds of jewelry. This will brighten up your outfit by adding a splash of dramatic color.[8]

    • Lighter pearls and orbs may work better on darker tops.
    • For example, you can wear a clear or milky orb with a black turtleneck.

  5. Opt for a fancier pendant with casual clothing. A jeans and t-shirt may feel very casual. If you want to add a touch of decoration to casual attire, wear a pendant. Aim for a fancier pendant, such as one that uses jewels, over something like a tag or chain.[9]

    • For example, do not wear a dog tag pendant with a formal dress. Instead, opt for a stylish orb pendant that is encrusted with jewels.

EditAdding Accessories

  1. Keep other accessories minimal. Pendants are fairly dramatic as a piece of jewelry. Due to their length and size, they tend to draw a lot of attention. If you're wearing a pendant, be careful about styling it with accessories. Keep other jewelry and accessories minimal.[10]

    • For example, do not wear big, dangly earrings with a pendant necklace. Instead, opt for small bulb earrings.
    • You can also wear something like a delicate bracelet, a small ring, or a wristwatch.

  2. Pair a pendant necklace with shorter necklaces. People often double up on the necklaces when wearing pendants. Due to the length of a pendant necklace, it can be easy to wear it with other shorter necklaces. For example, pair a pendant necklace with a choker.[11]Advertisement

    • However, as pendants can often be flashy, you should choose played down necklaces to pair with them. Go for a solid colored choker, for example, instead of one with a lot of jewels and embellishments.

  3. Try wearing more than one pendant. If you want a busier look, try pairing one pendant with another. You can wear one long pendant and then add a shorter pendant above it.[12]

    • Stick to somewhat minimalistic pendants for this look to avoid looking too showy.


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