Maxi skirts are timeless. The billowing, flowing silhouette creates a feminine style that is both comfortable and practical without compromising elegance. Maxi skirts can be easily dressed up or down, so they are great for any occasion when worn correctly. As if that wasn’t enough, they are also flattering on every body type, making them a wardrobe staple. You will want to be considerate when choosing the right type of maxi skirt for your body. Think about the overall style you are trying to achieve. Then, choose the right top, shoes, and accessories to help you create a look for any occasion.

EditPairing Your Maxi Skirt with a Top

  1. Pair a ****on-down shirt with your maxi skirt for a polished look. A classic ****on-down shirt combined with a maxi skirt will dress up the maxi, giving your overall look a sense of timeless style.[1] Pair the ****on-down with a maxi that has some structure to it. A maxi skirt with a fitted waist is ideal; an A-line fit will work as well.

    • Tuck a simple white ****on-down into a high-waisted black maxi. Roll up the sleeves and add an understated necklace. Wear heels to look extra chic.[2]

  2. Toss on a simple T-shirt for a casual vibe. Try tucking in a plain T-shirt, with or without sleeves, to your maxi skirt. This is a great summer style that will make you look good while keeping you comfortable all day.[3]

    • A white T-shirt tucked into a printed maxi creates a comfortable and casual look. Add beaded sandals and chunky bracelets for a boho effect.

  3. Wear a crop top for a fun summer outfit. Crop tops look great with maxi skirts, as the skirt lengthens your body while the top accentuates your waist. A crop top with heels can elongate a shorter figure. If you are petite, make sure that the top ends at your natural waistline.[4]

    • Try wearing a flowing crop top with a billowing maxi skirt for a breezy summer ensemble. Though pairing a loose top with a maxi skirt is generally something you want to avoid, a flowing crop top will leave your middle exposed, keeping your waist defined.[5]

  4. Try a chunky sweater for a messy-chic look on a fall day. An oversized sweater or a draping cardigan will allow you to continue rocking your favorite maxi skirt all year long. You can add additional layers, like a long tunic that falls below the hem of your sweater and a leather trenchcoat to give your silhouette more definition.

    • Try wearing a flowing brown maxi skirt with a chunky sweater. Add an oversized leather bag and a leather wedge heel to play off a cozy fall vibe.[6]

  5. Experiment with layers to add interest. Layers make any outfit more dynamic, and this is especially true when adding layers to a maxi skirt. You could tuck in your shirt while leaving the other layers, such as a cardigan or jacket, untucked. Try leaving the outer layers un****oned, so the top of your skirt is exposed.

    • Try a maxi skirt with a bright print paired with a plain tank, and a leather jacket. This look is feminine and edgy, and it works well for colder months.[7]

EditAccessorizing Your Outfit

  1. Wear sandals with your maxi skirt for a beachy summer vibe. Flat sandals are the obvious choice to pair with a maxi skirt because they match the flowing, laid-back look that most maxi skirts have. Match sandals with your maxi skirt when going for a more relaxed, casual look.

    • Dress this style up with a beaded, flashy sandal if you want to look more glam. Gladiator sandals paired with a maxi will add a casual-chic element to your outfit.[8]
    • Wear an ornately beaded sandal paired with a pleated pastel maxi skirt and simple white tank.[9] This look is relaxed with a hint of elegance and can be further dressed up or down with accessories.

  2. Try heels to elongate your silhouette and dress up your maxi. Heels add a level of elegance to any maxi skirt and are a great way to style a maxi when you are going out in the evening. If you're petite, wearing heels will elongate your silhouette, making the maxi skirt more flattering.

    • Go for a casual-chic look with an elegant red maxi, a graphic T-shirt, and simple taupe heels.[10] This playful outfit mixes class with personal style and is a fun pairing for a casual day around town.

  3. Pair wedges with your maxi skirt to add height and casual elegance. Wedges are a great option because they are classy but also fun and colorful. Wedges work well with maxi skirts as they share a similar style that hovers between fancy and relaxed.

    • Wear a colorful floral wedge with a pastel maxi skirt and a simple crop top for a feminine summer look.[11]

  4. Add a wide leather belt with your maxi skirt to accentuate your waist. Wearing a thick belt around the waist of your maxi skirt will define your waist while contributing texture and style. The belt will help you look more polished and put together, reigning in the flowing silhouette of the maxi.

    • Add a thick leather belt to an especially billowing floral maxi skirt. Pair with a bulky off-shoulder sweater and a stylish floppy hat to create a boho look fit for any festival.[12]

  5. Choose statement jewelry to complete your outfit. Choosing the right jewelry is key when it comes to accessorizing your outfit. When wearing a brightly colored maxi skirt, or a maxi skirt with a wild print, choose jewelry that is toned down and classic. On the other hand, if your maxi skirt is monocolored and simple, feel free to wear a chunky necklace, bright dangling earrings, or thick bangle bracelets.[13]

    • A thick gold necklace is the perfect accessory for a sleek black maxi skirt worn with a tailored white ****on down. The necklace will add class and style to an already elegant look.


  • Search "maxi skirt" on Pinterest for a ton of inspirational ideas on how to style a maxi skirt.
  • Try a maxi skirt that has a leg split if you want a fitted skirt that is easier to move in.


EditQuick Summary

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