MUMBAI: Valentine’s Day is globally celebrated with couples displaying their affection on Instagram, while the rest are found cringing and overusing vomit emoji in WhatsApp conversations. As a result, people turn towards Dating Applications to treasure trove themselves a Valentine. Observing the substantial trend, Bobble AI has released a report on the increased usage of dating applications during Valentine’s Week.
This trend report showcases insights of most popular dating applications during Valentine’s week, time spent by Men and women per day on dating applications, Top 10 emoticons used on the applications and the region wise adaption.
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*This trend report is based upon the anonymized and aggregated insights collected on Bobble AI platforms during Valentine's week. This information is made available by Bobble AI for educational purposes as well as to give out general information on the usage of dating applications and trends observed during Valentine’s week*
According to Bobble AI’s data, there’s a 30% increase in usage of dating applications around Valentine’s week.
Most popular dating applications during Valentine’s week
*According to Bobble AI’s Data intelligence and analysis-
· * * * * Tinder has emerged as the most popular app being installed on 40.21% of devices
· * * * * Followed by Chinese application TanTan which is installed on 32.21% of devices.
· * * * * Third place is retained by Azar with installations on 11.56% of the devices.
· * * * * These three applications are most fashionable amongst both men and women.
While Tinder, Tantan, and Azar are the most downloaded applications, but when it came to the maximum time spent, a different trend came to light.
*Surprisingly men are spending most of their time on - Azar, followed by OkCupid and Hinge respectively.
Time spent by Men per day on Dating applications:
Whereas, the Female population is investing most of its time on Azar, followed by Hinge and QuackQuack.
Time Spent by Women per day on Dating Applications:
From the above analysis, it is clear that-
? * * *People are more inclined towards dating applications which provide expressive ways of connecting rather than traditional dating applications which primarily bank on texting. The applications like Azar, a video chat application are preferred due to the nature of expressiveness.
? * * *On dating applications, people are looking for fast matches and quick communication. Once matched, they typically move to more expressive and comfortable communication channels like WhatsApp or Instagram.
? * * *People are preferring a personalized approach and are looking for dating applications which are connecting them with like-minded partners/people. Hence, applications like OkCupid and Hinge are gaining popularity as they are engaging even with less user base.
? * * *People want dating applications that are reliable and can be trusted. Therefore, applications like QuackQuack with verified users are gaining acclaim among huge populations. *
Bobble AI also studied conversational trends on the dating applications. Emoticons used in conversations on dating applications induce the feeling of joy, express romance and also, are used for flirting and ***ting. To attract people and to grab an opportunity of date, people use various emoticons like - Kiss emoticon, winking face emoticon, etc.
Top 10 emoticons on dating applications are:
Rank Emoticon Description
1 Face with tears of joy
2 Winking face
3 Grinning face with a sweat
4 Clinking Beer Mugs
5 Dog Face Emoji
6 Face blowing a kiss
7 Fire
8 Smiling face with heart eyes
9 Smirking face
10 Face savoring food
However, one question is constantly being asked - How popular are dating applications in cities like- Ranchi, Jharkhand, Indore, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, etc.?
Therefore in order to understand the acumen of dating applications in various geographies, Bobble AI studied the usage of dating applications and which app people of different cities are ratifying.Advertisement

· * * * * 38% of people in the north are using dating applications
· * * * * 19% of people in south India are using dating applications,
· * * * * 23% of people in East India have adopted dating applications
· * * * * 20% of the population in West India is using Dating applications.