Valentine's day is a great opportunity to show someone that you care. While you can always buy a card from the store, a handmade card will be more personal and unique. Best of all, you can cater the card to the recipient's likes, hobbies, and personality. If you don't want to make a typical card, then you can make an unusual card instead, such as a sugar cookie!

[Edit]Making Simple Cards

[LIST=1][*]Write a message in white pencil, then paint over it with watercolor. Get a sheet of white cardstock or watercolor paper. Write a simple message using a white crayon or white grease pencil. Paint over the entire paper using watercolor. The message will show through the paint![1]

  • Instead of painting the entire page, paint a heart shape instead. Make sure that the heart is big enough to cover the entire message.
  • For a fancier card, draw heart shapes around the message using a white crayon or white grease pencil.
  • The paper must be white or the watercolor won't show up.

[*]Paint watercolor hearts, then write messages in them with black marker. Fold a sheet of cardstock or watercolor paper in half to make a card. Paint a heart using watercolor, then let it dry. Use a black felt-tipped pen to write a message inside the heart.[2]

[LIST][*]Use more than 1 color of paint to create am ombre or tie dye design.[*]Feel free to outline the heart with the marker, or draw additional details, such as spirals, zigzags, or mini hearts.[*]Write a simple message, such as "I