World Famous Lover Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5 stars (Two and a half stars)Star Cast: Vijay Deverakonda, Raashi Khanna, Aishwarya Rajesh, Catherine Tresa, and Izabelle LeiteDirector: Kranthi MadhavWorld Famous Lover Movie Review: Vijay Deverakonda Is Still In The Arjun Reddy Universe But With Consequences & Strong Voiced Women This TimeWhat’s Good: Vijay Deverakonda can continue to impress in a set up that he has been in twice before. Also, Aishwarya Rajesh, who left the maximum impact.What’s Bad: The South superstar following the same graph as his last films. At least a bit change in the tone of the character would have been a breather.Loo Break: You can clearly see when the script falls loose and decide for yourself. No need to keep it holding.Watch or Not?: If you are Vijay’s fan, go for it. If Arjun Reddy’s, what are you even waiting for? But if not of both, royally skip.
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The plot kept under the wrap till the very last day, World Famous Lover starring Vijay Deverakonda in the lead is a story about a couple, Gautham (Vijay) and Yamini (Raashi) who are going through a rough patch in their relationship. Reason being Gautham’s ambition to become a writer but his arrogance and laziness being the ****er. The two are in somewhat a loveless relationship.After looking at his descent into madness and oblivion, Yamini decides to break up with him, leading to Gautham taking his life seriously. His heartbreak gives birth to two stories, one set in a rural village in India and the other in Paris. The film while telling Gautham’s real-life story also narrates his fictional stories in parallel. This is where Gautham introduces us to Sennya (Vijay), Suvarna (Aishwarya), Smitha (Catherine) and Iza (Izabelle).World Famous Lover Movie Review: Vijay Deverakonda Still In The Arjun Reddy Universe But With Consequences & Strong Voiced Women This TimeWorld Famous Lover Movie Review: Script Analysis

The script which for sure looked promising on paper as the part where parallel stories are playing while they are been written by an author who is experiencing utmost grief is fascinating. But on screen, it creates the magic in parts. The biggest turnoff being setting Vijay in the same staple set up that we have already seen him. All credits to the actor for getting the accent, body language and anger right, but we have already seen a lot of it from him.The highest point of the script has to be the first story that Gautham narrates. The love triangle between Sennya, Suvarna and Smitha intrigued me the most and made me root for it. Especially the end where the devoted wife gives it back to an unfaithful husband and is a fresh breeze in the south cinema.The writing for sure falls flat at the beginning of the second half, and you don’t need to be a scholar to get that. Gautham’s real-life story is what rescues us from the second fictional story that is super predictable.Also how good is it that writers have given the women in this universe strong voices to stand for themselves. Unlike the last few films that clearly lacked the representation.World Famous Lover Movie Review: Star Performance

Said to be Vijay’s last romantic film for a while at least and confirmed by the actor himself, seems to be the perfect decision. The character that the actor is playing looks like a cakewalk for him. He is impressive and for sure appealing but not a revelation or new. Also extra points for not endorsing abs and flaunting a body that looks relatable.Talking about actresses, this film has four of them. My favourite with any doubt and has to be Aishwarya who plays Suvarna. The actress plays a devoted wife to a husband who is almost on the verge of cheating with her. In a complete de-glam look, the actress makes us feel her pain and I am in love with her performance. (PS: Aishwarya also excelled in his last week release Vaanam Kottattum).Others including Raashi, Catherine and Izabelle play their parts with conviction and dedication and are impressive.World Famous Lover Movie Review: Direction, Music

Talking about direction, the film follows a non-linear style of storytelling. This might be an issue for some but is handled quite nicely without going haywire. Kranthi seems to be aware what Vijay fans expect out him and he just tried to cater them that.Maybe changing the tone of the character at least when he wasn’t broken, would have done wonders to the part and enhanced Vijay’s performance as well. The fictional story between Sennya, Suvarna and Smitha shot amidst a coal mine has to be the best piece of direction in terms of the production design, camera and emotions. Also, it was a good decision to show that the wrong behaviour has consequences.Coming to music, the songs may sound good on the point they are used but don’t seem to have high recall value. The theme music of the film is a soothing tune though.World Famous Lover Movie Review: The Last Word

World Famous Lover is a continuation of the ‘protagonist in anger and ready to destroy the world genre’, that has already created a huge debate. Watch it if you endorse Vijay’s last to ‘romantic’ films. If you don’t, you have no reason to spend on this one. Also, Vijay fans will be watching him romance for the last time until he does it next after the break.Two and a half stars!
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World Famous Lover releases on 14th February 2020.Share with us your experience of watching World Famous Lover.Trending


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