MUMBAI: The clarion appeal given by PM Modi to participate in janta curfew for a day on March 22, 2020 to contain the spread and make the fight against coronavirus in India a success got an overwhelming response with most Indians staying indoors. This resulted in a 85 % drop in footfalls across the country as per the real time step count data collected by over 5 lakh users who are using GOQii Activity trackers. The footfalls were compared to the average footfalls seen before 5th March 2020.*
The leading state in keeping most of its people indoors was the state of Kerala. Kerala saw a drop-in footfalls at 90% during janta curfew. Maharashtra also saw the drop increase to 89% and now with the suburban railways stopping, this number is likely to increase. The state GOQii has studied has seen a drop-in footfall percentage ranging from 75% to 90%. *
Citywise, Mumbai and Chennai saw a drop of 90% in footfalls. Cities across India saw a footfall droop between 80 and 90%.*