MUMBAI: It is difficult to manage being cooped up for days. But by now we all know social distancing and isolation are key to stop the spread of COVID-19 virus. Keeping a low profile is a small sacrifice that we all have to perform for everyoneís safety. The challenge is to be safe and sane during a pandemic.
Isolating the most social animal on this planet was not going to be easy, and hence, to make the most of this time, Tata Asset Managementís moment marketing initiative gives purpose to those seemingly long hours during #JantaCurfew. According to Tata Asset Management, the main idea was to remind its fellow investors and users to connect with their family in these few hours of togetherness.
Tata Asset Managementís digital team curated a fun itinerary for the entire family from 7 am to 9 pm. The tasks began with exercising and having a healthy breakfast and included some family-time activities like playing a game of monopoly with the kids.
The creatives were executed by Finace. Tata Asset Management used digital and social media platforms for this initiative.
Tata Asset Management digital and marketing head MVS Murthy says, "The #JanataCurfew was for all Indians and we wanted to run a story that cut across demography and geography. And ďFamily - timeĒ is the most universal idea. We helped people find purpose in their isolation. The idea was to help families all over make the most of their time together. In many ways, it must have given tremendous joy in an otherwise difficult proposition of a lockdown.Ē
According to Murthy, if corona calls for social distancing, the campaign brought out the idea that the joys we seek are not outside but right inside our homes. Imagine the cackle a game of monopoly would have brought when some tried to cheat in jest or how our kitchen s****s would have got brushed up when the same food you would order in was made at home and one savoured it. At the end of the day we go out for our families; #JanataCurfew was the day you stayed in with your dear ones. In the overall context, the campaign told its audience that you can meaningfully isolate and make a strong chain, while breaking a very dangerous some.*
He concludes, ďThe moment our Prime Minister announces #JanataCurfew. We planned well in advance, kept our communication stack ready, announced a 15-hour ď to-doĒ list on Saturday, and then on Sunday at the stroke of every hour, the focused activity was echoed across our social handles and digital assets. We would like to believe that this is amongst the best #MomentMarketing initiatives globally. Moments are not an isolated event but they gather themselves all the while to create memories. We strung up many a memory and helped sign off the day in gratitude helping audiences count their blessings in these challenging times. However, the proposed itinerary is just not restricted for one single day. We can include this in our lives while we are practicing self-isolation for the coming 21 days.Ē