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About Webinar

Covid2019 has been a challenge for brands in Indian because of the suddenness in which the lockdown was announced. How did some leading brands communicate during this period? Did it make any sense to communicate at all? What are the lessons they have learned out of this crisis?
About The Panelists

  • Timex Group India Ajay Dhyani Head Marketing
  • Duroflex Mattresses India Smita Murarka VP Marketing
  • Mirum India Sanjay Mehta Joint CEO
  • Shemaroo Entertainment Rahul Mishra Head Marketing & Communications
  • Dentsu One India Harjot Singh*President
  • Narang President FBB, Future Group Prachi Mohapatra Chief Marketing Officer
  • FBB, Future Group** *Prachi Mohapatra** *Chief Marketing Officer