KOLKATA: The ministry of information and broadcasting (MIB) has granted registration to six new multi-system operators (MSOs) in the first two months of 2021, and 100 MSOs overall in 2020.
MIB has published a document listing all the registered MSOs in the country. According to the document, there are 1,715 registered MSOs in India as on 1 March 2021.
A total of 100 MSOs were granted registration in the year 2020, compared to 150 in 2019.
All the granted registrations are valid for a period of 10 years. The names of the companies that were added in the registration list in the first two months of this year includes GNS Cable Network, Bajrang Dish Antina, Aishwarya Chaitra Cable Network, Ranchi Digital, Sherie Plexus, and Deb TV.
The ministry has cancelled registration of one MSO in January. While Crystal Vision Media surrendered its registration vide letter dated 3 December, MIB cancelled its registration on 5 January.