NEW DELHI: The void that TikTok left in the Indian short video sharing ecosystem has been plugged by a rash of similar homegrown apps, which are vying to become king of the hill. These Made in India platforms are constantly coming up with new and improved features to outdo rivals and reel in new users. In keeping with this trend, Rizzle has launched Rimix, touted as the world's first video mixing feature on short-video apps.
This feature allows users to make video mashups using two to five videos within a matter of a few seconds. Users can either choose existing videos from the Rizzle app or record their own videos, add a soundtrack of their choice, and share their masterpiece with the world.*
According to a statement issued by Rizzle, Rimix is the industry’s first-of-its-kind spec that empowers users to create personalised short videos that are unique to them.
Developers at Rizzle have created Rimix as a user-friendly*feature, and a person does not need extensive prior knowledge of advanced video editing tools to create mashups. Rimix has been introduced at a time when other short video platforms in the industry are trying to reinvent the 'duet' feature launched around four years ago.*
"At Rizzle we constantly strive to empower all our users to become creators of content. And with Rimix, we are a step closer to our goal. Rimix allows all our users- with no to minimum to advanced video editing s****s, to create videos and share their stories," said Rizzle marketing head Sapna Patel.*
Rizzle’s music library has 35,000+ tracks owing to their partnerships with Sony Music Entertainment and Aditya Music. This, combined with Rimix, can bring about a wide variety of exciting user generated content.
It may be recalled that Instagram*has*rolled out a new feature called Remix on its Reels platform, which essentially lets users upload a video next to another user's, building on top of the original clip – similar to TikTok's duet function. What the Mark Zuckerberg-owned platform’s reaction to the similar-sounding ‘Rimix’ will be is anyone’s guess.