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    SAP Best Practices


    SAP Best Practices Configuration - Preparation and Technical Activities (K00)


    This building block contains the customizing and activities required to prepare the system for the installation of SAP Best Practices for HCM.

    Function List

    • specific table cleanup Report variants
    • Holiday calendar and basic enterprise structure units

    Key Points

    • Preconfigured settings that are prerequisite to other HCM settings
    • Easy installation procedure by usage of a step-by-step approach
    • BC Sets provide for fast implementation methodology

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    Configuration PA

    1 Purpose

    This configuration guide provides the information you need to set up the configuration of this building block manually.
    2 Preparation

    Before you start installing this building block, you must install prerequisite building blocks. For information on the prerequisite building blocks, see the Quick Guide for installing Human Capital Management (located on the documentation DVD in \BBLibrary\Documentation\HCM_Quick_Guide_EN_US.doc ).
    3 Personnel Administration

    The SAP Best Practices for HCM USA delivers a standard configuration for Personnel Management based on the most commonly used settings for businesses operating in the US. This provides a realistic business model to enable customers to begin extending the customizing to meet their specific needs.
    4 Enterprise Structure

    The enterprise structure describes the way in which an enterprise is organized and consists of the company code, personnel area and personnel subarea. Company codes are created in FI and represent the enterprise structure from a financial accounting perspective. The company code assigned in the enterprise structure for SAP Best Practices for HCM USA is ‘BP01’ SAP Best Practices Baseline company code.
    The personnel area is an organizational unit, the personnel area is sub-divided into personnel sub areas. Organizational data and guidelines as how to assign it, are stored on a personnel area and personnel subarea level. The rules and guidelines could be of a legal, pay scale and collective agreement, or internal nature. The personnel area is assigned to a company code, multiple personnel areas can be assigned to a company code but only one company code is assigned to a personnel area. Thus, each personnel area and personnel subarea combination that is delivered with the SAP Best Practices for HCM USA is assigned to ‘BP01’ SAP Best Practices Baseline company code.
    4.1Enterprise Structure

    The Enterprise Structure is designed to support one of three types of companies (i.e. personnel structures): Functional based, Region/Location based and Union participation.
    In the first structure (1010-1013 series) the company consists of a main Headquarters group, two product lines, and one subsidiary. This structure is primarily for those companies who wish to group employees for reporting purposes based on function within the company.
    Personnel Area
    Personnel Sub area
    Human Resources


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