Preconfigured Scenarios


Reduces Project Time by 30% to 75%*

In the world of personnel management, complying with changing global and local regulations can be difficult. Attracting the right people and developing and leveraging their s****s in alignment with management objectives is also a challenge in any company.

Using the SAP Best Practices for Human Capital Management, which includes predefined business scenarios that handle the most important business requirements, significant rewards can be realized, including lowering overall TCO by up to 11%, reduction of implementation timeframes of up to 32%, and reduction in the required consulting and in-house resources by up to 50%.

The SAP Best Practices for Human Capital Management covers the following areas.
  • Workforce Process Automation: Organizational and Personnel Management, Benefits Administration, Time Management, and Payroll
  • Talent Management: Employee Performance Management and Compensation Management

Flexible and Extensible

Extend your solution based on the SAP Best Practices for Human Capital Management with additional business scenarios from other SAP Best Practices versions.

  • Industry Packages are designed to meet industry-specific needs, for example SAP Best Practices for High Tech or SAP Best Practices for Pharmaceuticals.

  • SAP Best Practices Cross-Industry Packages provide predefined business scenarios that focus on the areas of customer relationship management (SAP CRM), supply chain management (SAP SCM), and SAP NetWeaver Portal and Business Intelligence.

For more information on all available SAP Best Practices versions, visit the SAP Best Practices home page, found on the Service Marketplace.

For detailed information on SAP Best Practices scenarios such as scenario overviews, end-user documentation, and configuration guides, see the section SAP Best Practices on the SAP Help Portal.