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    Help Window


    You can choose the way your help window is opened in SAP. This window displays SAP documentation for a screen field. There are two ways the help window is opened:

    • in Performance Assistant -- a help window opens in a separate application, independent of the SAP screen.
    • in a modal dialogue box -- a help window opens on top of the SAP screen. To use the SAP screen, you must first close the help window.

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    Change the Help Window

    1. Follow the menu path: Help >> Settings.

    2. Click on the F1 Help tab if it is not already the first tab displayed.

    3. Click the radio ****on next to either in Performance Assistant or in modal dialogue box, depending upon how you want the help window displayed.

    4. Click the Enter ****on [IMG]****ons/b02.gif[/IMG] at the bottom of the screen.

    To use Field Help:

    1. Put the cursor in the field you want help on.
    2. Click the Help ****on [IMG]****ons/b15.gif[/IMG] or use the F1 key.


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