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Thread: Interview Questions - Part 1

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    There should not be a provision if someone is trying to run next month payroll too the same month. What should be done?Advertisement

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    How to write personnel calculation rules in payroll schema

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    What is meant by full life cycle implementation?

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    How many Time Constraints are there in PA? What are they and explan them in detail?

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    What is the IT for Reference Personnel Number? Why do you use it? Wher do you assign it?

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    How do you setup info types for actions in PA40? Explain step-by-step?

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    What is control record? What is it's use? Can we assign N number of payroll areas to one control record?

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    What are info type groups? Why do you use it? Where do you use it?

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    What is the use of time evaluation.Where it will use exactly.

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    What is Landscape in SAP HR. What Is Developer Server.


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