List of SAP Controlling Tcodes:
Business Area Sub-Grouping Transaction Code

Acct. Pay. MK03 Display Vendor Master
FK10 Display Vendor Account Balance
FBL1 Display Vendor Account Line Irems
FB03 Invoice Retrieval FI
MR3M Invoice Retrieval MM
ME23 Display Purchase Order History
MR02 View Blocked Invoices
ZMRXRR055 GR/IR Reconciliation - Material Account
Acct. Rec. VF03 Display an Invoice v45b

Cost Accounting Cost Accounting - CCA/PCA Master/Date

KSH1 Create Cost Center Group
KSH2 Delete/Change Cost Center Group
FSP3 Display G/L Account Posting COA
FSS3 Display Account in Company Code
KS03 Display Cost Center
KSH3 Display Cost Center Group
KA03 Display Cost Element
KAH3 Display Cost Element Group
KE53 Display Profit Center
KCH3 Display Profit Standard Hierarchy
KK03 Display Stat Key Figure
KBH3 Stat Key Figure Group

Cost Accounting - Cost & Profit Center Planning

KP06 CC-Input/Change Budget Plan(Cost Element Planning
KP46 CC-Input/Change Budget Plan(Cost Element Planning
KP26 Input or Chg Activity Type or Price Planning
KSU7 CC-Create Plan Assessment Cycle
KSU8 CC Planned Assessment Cycle/ Change
KSU9 CC Planned Assessment Cycle/ Display
KSUA CC Planned Assessment Cycle Delete
KSUB CC Execute/Reverse Plan Assessment Cycle
KSV7 CC Planned Distribution Cycle - Create
KSV8 CC Planned Distribution Cycle - Change
KSV9 CC Planned Distribution Cycle - Display
KSVA CC Planned Distribution Cycle - Delete
KSVB CC Planned Dist. Cycle - Execute/Reverse.
KP97 CC Copy Plan Version
KPMN CC Set Planner Profile
KSMN Define Report Currency
KSMN Define Selection Criteria for Cost Center Reports
7KE1 CC Input/Change Budget Plans(Acctg. Planning.)
7KE5 CC Stat Key Figure Planning.

Cost Accounting - Period End Accounting.

F-02 Create various types of Journals.
FB11 Display/Complete/Post a Parked or Held Doc
FB08 Reverse an Incividual GL Posted Document
FB04 Display Changes to a Document
FB02 Change Document Header
FB09 Change Document Line Iems
FBS1 Create Accrual/Deferral w/out a Reference Doc.
F.81 Create an Accrual Reversal Entry
F.80 Mass Reversal of Documents.
FB03 Display a Document
FS10 Create Worklist and/or Display Gen Ledger Bal
FYLS """"
FBL3 Display General Ledger Line Items
KSH1 "CC Create a ""Local"" Cost Center Group"
KSH2 "CC Change a :Local"" Cost Center Group"
KSV1 CC Create an Actual Distribution Cycle
KSV2 CC Change Actual Distribution Cycle
KSV3 Display Actual Cost Center Distribution cycle
KSV4 Delete Actual Distribution Cycle
KSV5 CC Execute or Reverse Actual Dist. Cycle
KSU1 CC Create an Actual Assessment Cycle
KSU2 CC Change Actual Assessment cycle
KSU3 CC Display Actual Assessment Cycle
KSU4 CC Delete cost Center Actual Assessment Cycle
KSU5 CC Execute/Reverse Actual Assessment Cycles
4KE1 PC Create Actual Distribution Cycle
4KE2 PC Change Actual Distribution Assessment CycleAdvertisement

4KE3 PC Display Actual Distribution Cycle
4KE4 PC Delete Actual Distribution Cycle
4KE5 PC Actual distribution Cycle Execute
3KE1 PC Create Actual Assessment Cycle
3KE2 PC Change Actual Assessment Cycle
3KE5 PC Execute Actual Assessment Cycle
KB31 CC Post Actual Statistical Key Figures
3KED PC Post Actual Statistical Key Figures
F.5D Calculate BS Readjustment for PCA
1KEK Transfer Payables & Receivables.
KE5T Reconcile FI to PCA
ZFAF Create Affiliate Invoice
KOK5 Create/Maintain Storeroom & Maint. Order Group
K086 Settle Maint. Orders
CO88 Settle Process Order - Collective Process
KOB1 Report-Generate Actual Cost Line Item Rpt. Oreders
KSB1 Report-Generate Actual Cost Line Item Rpt. Cost Centers
KE5Z Report-Genrate an Actual Line Item Rpt. for PCA
SARP Generate Transit Maqterials from Custom Reports
Generate a Purchase Price & Exchange Rate Variance Report
Generate Production Order variance Report
SART Generate a COPS Reclassification Report
Generate a FPLC Mix-Adjustment Report
Generate a COC Cost Element Actual vs. Budget Report
Generate a COC Cost Center Actual vs. Budget Report
Generate a Cost Center Actual/Plan/Variqnce Report
Generate an EC-PCA Actual Line Items Report
Generate a TDC PCA Analysis Report
GR55 Generate a PCA Actuals Report
SART Generate a COPS Reclassification for Carrier Sales Report
SA38 Generate a FPLC Mix Adjusted Report