Task Specifc SD Transaction Codes 2

Where do we maintain "Item Category Usage" at the master level?

Spro --> Sales and Distribution --> Sales --> Sales Documents --> Sales Document Item --> Define Item Category Usage

Item Category Usage: item category usages which control the usage of an item. Item category usage controls, for example, the system response if during document processing an item does not refer to a material but to a text item. Item category usage can also be maintained via the item categories

In contracts we are creating quantity contract and value contracts in that we only put the validity period after validity period that contract will close,but customer want before one month closing the period system should alert with popup box like this contract is going to close, for this sales manager can follow up the customer for renual the contract.

Getting a pop-up when the Contract is going to expire is not a Standard SAP thing. For this you need to do some programming. Instead of this the Std system has a reminder system where in the open Contracts and Quotaions are popped up when you about to create a sales order.

This setting is in the Sales order header ,
Goto -- VOV8 --- Quotation and Outline agreement messages

If you want to have different number range for different sales area where the settings to be done.

Number Rage are use to define what number to be assign to sales document type. Number range can be assign Internal or external.

In internal number range system automatically assign a number to sales document according to number range define in system.

In External number range user manually assign number to sales document.

For Assigning Number Range use T-Code VN01

Choose Intervals ---- Define your number range