This report is used when you used transaction MD50 to convert the Sales Order to Produciton Planning.

On the Make-To-Order Planning - Multi-Level screen, enter the following data:

Field Data :- Sales order Your sales order number
Sales ord. item (The item number of your sales order)
Create pur.req. 2
Planning mode 3
Schedule lines 1
Scheduling 1

Also plan unchanged components Select
Display material list Select

Menu Path :-

Accounting -> Controlling -> Product Cost Controlling -> Cost Object Controlling -> Product Cost by Sales Order
-> Information System -> Reports for Product Costing by Sales Order -> Detailed Reports
-> For Sales Order -> Plan/Actual ComparisonAdvertisement

Transaction code :- S_ALR_87013105

Enter your Sales Order Number

Choose :- The Plan/Actual Comparison and the selection screen will appears.

To display the various cost elements and revenues for one of the items, click the down arrow and you will see the report data.