If you have to issue a component for production order of main item always from a specific storage location (component is stored in multiple storage locations but for production of a top item reservations should be created only on a specific storage loc), where can you provide the link between BOM component and storage Loc??
Is it possible to provide that link in BOM? or while allocating BOM components to routing operations or else where?
You can use the issue storage location field on the MRP 2 screen in the material master
You have 3 ways of doing it - not including the material master since the components are stored in multiple locations.
1. BOM item - very flexible but very time consuming to maintain if you have lots of BOM's. In CS02 you can set st. loc. on each component, and SAP will take this st. loc. first.

2. from level above - you can set it up so that whatever st. loc. is the default prod. st. loc on the material master for the level above will be the issue st. loc for the components you choose, if the component exists in that st. loc. - kind of a champagne waterfall effect. If the st. loc. is not maintained on the component, it will take the material master default of the component.

3. using supply area and work center. create supply areas and link them to st. loc's. - then link the supply area to the work center on CR02. Then allocate components to operations going through those work centers. Advertisement


Supply Areas are meant to be used in conjunction with Kanban. However you can just use them to link the work center to a storage location. You will never see an inventory balance in MMBE in a supply area. With Kanban you can set up automatic triggers to replenish stock to the supply areas from a main stock location.