Generally the links between Maintenance Notifications and Order are :-.

Assigning a Notification to an Existing Order
You can specify the number of an existing maintenance order in the maintenance notification while you are processing it.

Assigning a Notification to an Order
You can process an existing maintenance order and specify in it the number of the maintenance order that should be assigned to it.

Assigning many Notifications to an Single Order
This occurs when a series of Equipment that are in a pipe line have to maintained. ex. Shut down maintenance typical of a Refinery or a power plant.

You can combine several maintenance notifications that refer to a particular object in a single maintenance order. This could be the case if, for example, several defects are to be repaired at the object on one maintenance date.

When planning concrete tasks in an order, you can make reference to several maintenance notifications or technical objects. For this purpose you can use object lists, which contain all relevant maintenance notifications and technical objects.