PM Orders and Change Documents

How to activate change documents fuctionality in order to know who changes PM order?

In T code OIOE for your plant and order type you have to mark the change documents for material, order header, change documents etc

Change documents records the changes to the order header are displayed in the form of an action log. Therefore, if you want to know who released or completed an order, you must enter an X here for the relevant order type.

Change document is activate for the combination of planning plant and order type.

Plant Maintenance and Customer Service --> Maintenance and Service Orders --> Functions and Settings for Order Types --> Define Change Docs, Collective Purc. Req. Indicator, Operation No. Interval

How to active the action log for goods movement in PM?

Check in the following path:-Advertisement

IMG -> PM/CS -> Maintenance and service processing -> Maintenance and service order -> Functions and settings of order type -> Goods movement for order -> Define Documentation for Goods Movements for the Order

What is equipment category change documents indicator. What will happen if I set this flag in SPRO?

If you check mark change documents then system will create the documents in which you can find the information who ,when and what has changed in the equipment master records.

You can find the change documents in IE02 -> Extras -> Display changes