SAP PM (Service Management) Geographical Work Centres

My question relates to the creation of tasklists for a common planning plant (across the entire organization). These general tasklists also need to be common to the entire organization, however it would be desirable to have different Main Work Centers representing different geographical regions for the purposes of capacity analysis. Here lies the problem;

The task lists must have a work center assigned to each operation.

If a common work center is used in the task lists this defaults into the operation overview for the Scheduled orders when in fact it is desirable for this work center to be the same as the Main Work Center of the technical object that the work is being performed on ( which corresponds to it's geogrpahical location ).

We do not want to have to change the work centres on the order manually but alas, we require the work centre to represent the geographical region so that the impact of the order can be analysed in the capacity evaluation.

Any Suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Mike K

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Subject: Re: (Service Management) Geographical Work Centres
From: Barry Dickau


Could you not group your tasklists by geographical locations which would mean duplicating the same tasklists but then each would have their own specific workcenters by location. Or create them as equipment or FL tasklists? I'm assuming your Plant structure is based on centralized planning, 1 Planning Plant to many Maint Plants?

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Subject: Re: PM (Service Management) Geographical Work Centres
From: Siminski, Tom TMAdvertisement


You may create General Task Lists to be used as reference and then create object related (functional location and/or equipment) task lists by copying the general list and changing work centre to "geographically correct" one.

Additional advantage may be that object specific task lists are easier to use when creating a work order. Extras -> Task list -> Object related, will give you list of all task lists for the object and only those.

Hope that is of some help.

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