Statistics of SAP Application Modules

The transaction ST07 provide information such as the numbers of users logged on into each of the SAP Application modules.

Double click on the application modules for more information breakdown.

If there are no analysis data is available for the history in ST07, it is because the program RSAMON40, which generates snapshots of the application monitor data and saves them to the database, has not started yet. If RSAMON40 runs regularly, the data may sometimes be deleted again by a reorganization program.

For releases lower than 31I, schedule the program RSAMON40 periodically (hourly) as a background job.

As of Release 31I, this report is automatically carried out by the performance collector (RSCOLL00). Check the scheduling of RSAMON40 in table TCOLL as described in note 12103.

To prevent the data from being deleted again by a reorganization program, you must still make the following entry in the SAPWLREORG table:

MONIKEY = --+++++++