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I was wondering if anyone out there has had exposure to the
licensing issues relating to BAPI's. We are developing an internet
application (using BAPI's not Web Studio) primarily focussed on
enabled sales order entry on the Web. We seem to be getting mixed
signals from SAP as to the appropriate licensing fees that need to
be paid for this. Thus far three models have been floated,

1. Each user of the Web application attracts the same annual license
fee as normal SAP user - i.e. $5000 per user 2. Each time a BAPI is
called a fixed fee is charged - i.e. $10 per BAPI call 3. Each BAPI
used in the application attracts an annual per user fee - i.e. $500
per BAPI per user

What I can't understand is that a model has not been adopted
somewhere already. Surely there are some sites using BAPI's in a
production environment somewhere. And if so, surely the licensing
issues have been resolved for those sites.

Is there anyone out there who has a live application who knows about
these issues? If so it would be useful to have a reference for the
SAP guys here downunder.

Personally I don't see models 1 and 2 as particularly feasible,
model 1 as the costs for this would be astronomical (we're supposed
to be saving money with Web orders) and model 2 as it would be a
nightmare gathering the appropriate data for billing. Model 3,
however, presents the issue of whether a custom developed BAPI
attracts the same annual fee. If so, you might be inclined to
develop a lot of RFC functions and not BAPIs to plug functionality
gaps. You might also use the underlying WWW_**** function modules
in the BAPIs instead of the actual BAPIs.

The model that SAP have not presented is model 4 in which you only
pay per concurrent user logged into SAP as per a standard license
agreement. The Web application only uses one SAP username but if it
is getting good usage there will be concurrent users reflected in

Anyone have any thoughts, or specifics on their own licensing


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Subject: RE: BAPI Licensing

We have had a similar problem and went the route of individual RFC's
in a batch mode (text file import) to get around this extortion. The
apps we are using are employee self service for HR and would have
cost $5000 per employee (30,000+ employees) who may access the system
once or twice a year.

If you manage to get a licensing agreement with SAP for direct BAPI
use that makes since please post a message.

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